Monday, January 29, 2018

Heart Chakra - Compassion

A person with a healthy heart chakra is balanced, radiates love, self -acceptance, cares for and has compassion towards others. When it came to my inner (spiritual) healing I knew that I had to focus on my chakra’s including the Anahata (heart chakra). I wasn’t feeling much joy in my life, and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to feel happy, I felt blocked because emotional crap was standing in the way. Some of the symptoms when the heart chakra isn’t working as it should are shallow breathing, slow metabolism and physical energy, divided between mind and body, feeling withdrawn and not be a part of life. The result is that you feel tired and drained all the time. Most of these symptoms were true for me.

Giving love to people was “easy” but I had no idea how to give love to myself. I wasn’t taught how to love myself. My mother was sick, mentally and physically, and I grew up taking care of her needs while leaving my own unaddressed. This pattern continued into my thirties until the spiritual awakening came along, and I realized that it was time to open my heart and allow love to flow free.

Healing with Archangel Chamuel:
There are different ways to heal a chakra and I was guided to use a technique for healing and restoring the heart chakra with the help of Archangel Chamuel.
The idea behind this healing technique was as follows:
- Go into meditation and burn a pink or green candle to help connect with Chamuel. Both colors work well for the heart chakra.
- Ask Archangel Chamuel for his help.
- Visualize the lotus associated with the heart chakra. The lotus has 12 petals.
- Restore each of the petals.

Don’t expect an immediate result. On an energetic level, it takes time for the healing to take full effect, 6 months to 3.5 years. Healing yourself has everything to do with awareness and it is important that you keep your focus on the present moment. Otherwise you can stagnate the healing process and it will take longer. Restoring the petals is one step of the healing process.
The more we let go of our attachments to the past, the more healing takes place. Just like everything else in the spiritual journey, there is no such thing as a “quick fix”. But, there are many other ways we can use and incorporate with this healing technique. Some examples are EFT (emotional freedom technique), homeopathy, herbs, crystals, meditation.

Who is Archangel Chamuel?
In the Kaballah, Chamuel has a special place. He is the archangel of the Geburah (the 5th Sephira on the tree of life). Kabbalists say that Chamuel is one of the Seraphim's and he is part of the highest choir of angels. He sees the connection between everything and everybody. His purpose or mission is to help people find peace. Chamuel can help you to obtain inner peace even in stressful and hard times. He also assists in finding missing objects and find solutions to different problems.
In my personal experiences, the angels are watching over us at all times and are more than willing to help us. All that we have to do is ask for their help.

After I received healing from Chamuel a period of “rest” followed. The healing was doing its thing and I focused on aspects of the spiritual journey by learning as much as I could and speaking with spirit. I’m a member of many spiritual groups and I started to see more posts about love and compassion. This was perfect timing because I had people around me that I felt uncomfortable with. My attention was drawn to this topic of compassion. Spirit was trying to make a point and wanted me to listen more closely. So I went into meditation and this is what they had to say:

Conversation with spirit:
Soul: Compassion is love without judgment, it is the heart connection. Compassion will grow when you apply this to your own being by letting go of what the conditioned world told you to believe. It is all part of the same construction. Compassion and applying compassion in your life at any given situation will make you grow as the spiritual being that you are and it will help you see life from the soul’s perspective. You are here to experience and for the time being, earth is your school. Being around other people is the perfect way to master these skills such as compassion and the answer to any situation always lies within you. You do have a choice.

Soul: When you are around someone that makes you feel uncomfortable you can create tension and put negative energy into the situation by your thoughts. Welcome these feelings and take a step back to see why you are feeling uncomfortable with. Go within and apply compassion by showing love and kindness. You are not here to entertain anyone, just be. When you stop reacting the uncomfortable feeling will go away. These situations are an opportunity to go within and apply love and kindness. Accept it as it is, so that awareness can come in. All the feelings that you have such as irritation, anger, resentment around certain people, will go away. It may be heightened for a moment, let it be, and remove all judgment. When you are fighting these feeling, which is from the ego, they are based on your own belief system. Always remove yourself from any threatening situations. However, most people are simply here to expand their consciousness, even when they don’t realize that this is what they are doing. All that you have to do is “just be”. Reactions come from the unconscious mind which is the ego, it is unawareness. By bringing awareness into a situation you are able to come from a place of love. This is a skill, a technique to allow yourself to be authentic and complete.
Me: So, compassion is a way to become who we are as a sentient being? And when we deactivate the ego by going within we make room for awareness and growth? What is the point for all of this?
Soul: When you take away the ego reactions you will be able to come from a place of spiritual awareness, a place of love and the soul’s perspective. Life will change because your perception of life has changed. You will be able to feel joy and happiness in everything that you do and everywhere that you go.

How do you become more compassionate?
When you align with your soul you create authentic power and this brings harmony and cooperation. You are allowing your soul to guide you. As you create authentic power you’ll become a compassionate person. Part of you is already compassionate which comes from love. You experience this as gratitude, appreciation, sharing, contentment and patience. In Buddhism, this is called the “Buddha seed”. Another part of you is not compassionate which comes from fear. You experience this as anger, resentment, judgment, superiority, and inferiority. This part of you doesn’t care about people and only cares about itself. The current human condition is “unconsciousness”, it is identified with the mind and expressed by the “ego”. Although, our human condition is changing and becoming more aware and awakened with their connection to the soul. When you judge someone you identify with the unconscious mind and the same is true for self-judgment. Allow people to speak their mind and practice compassion when you notice that these people are identified with their mind. By practicing compassion you are allowing the transmission of presence to come in and this is where change happens. You’ll be able to observe a situation without having attachments to what is said. People that live life without compassion and kindness live in pain. You give compassion to yourself while giving it to other people. So, learn to recognize when you react from fear or from love. Challenge any reactions that come from fear/ego by not acting on it as you are feeling this. By cultivating love and act from love while feeling fear, you’ll become compassionate and start to care about other people. This is the heart connection and you strengthen this by being kind to yourself and to others.

You can train and improve your compassion through meditation and awareness. Compassion includes all beings regardless of what they do or have done. So, it is easier to feel compassion for our loved ones and difficult to feel sympathy for people that we don’t like or know. However, when you remove judgment and don’t identify with someone else’s deeds, you are able to stay true to yourself. And this is an important aspect of unconditional love.

Three steps to practice compassion:
- Don’t react/act. Go within and develop emotional awareness
- Create a gap between impulse and emotion. From there you can consciously choose what to say
- Act from the most loving part of your personality. This can mean that you don’t say anything.
Make these choices every time when you feel like you are becoming identified with your own or a person’s story.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Anahata - The heart chakra

Anahata chakra:
Within the Vedas, there are a variety of names and references to the kundalini such as Kundal or Shaya.
The most important Vedic deity associated with the kundalini is Agni and Surya. Agni is the Kundalini energy and Surya is the kundalini in its triumph or full awakening. Surya is the kundalini having moved to the crown chakra and is the source of all Shakti. Shakti is referenced as the sun hidden and revealed in the Vedic journey.

The heart and crown chakra is connected via the Chitta Nadi (channel, stream, flow). This Nadi connects the crown chakra (associated with the sun) with the heart (Anahata) chakra. Several yoga texts are references to the kundalini/Surya connection. Within the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the kundalini is described as having the brilliance of a thousand suns. From a yogic perspective the teachings of the sacred Mount Meru, within Hinduism, represent the physical spinal column. In a variety of ancient texts, Mount Meru is given a specific height and located within an ocean, surrounded by seven islands. The seven islands reference the seven primary chakras; Meru is the spinal column or the Sushumna of the astral body. Within the Shiva Samhita (Sanskrit text on yoga), the sun is referred to as being at the bottom of Meru and it is a reference to the kundalini.
Anahata or heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra, according to Hindu Yogic, Shakta, and Buddhist Tantric traditions. In Sanskrit Anahata means “unhurt, un-struck, and unbeaten”. Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of un-struck sound (the sound of the celestial realm). Anahata is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity. The god of Anahata is Lord Aadi Shakti.
Anahata is accessible through the breath and is therefore related to the element of air. The Hindus call the breath Prana (life force) which is the essence of all nourishment and vitality. By consciously using the breath we unloose whatever tensions are blocking us; it also opens the heart chakra.

Symptoms when our heart chakra is closed down: Breathing is shallow, slow metabolism and physical energy, divided between mind and body, withdrawn, not a part of life. People that have a chakra that is too open have a tendency to give all of their time and energy away leaving them feeling drained, and they are too focused on others so that they won’t have to look at themselves.
A person with a healthy heart chakra is balanced, radiates love, self-acceptance, cares for and has compassion towards others.

The Hexagram or six-pointed star
The hexagram is symbolic for the heart chakra’s qualities and made of two interlaced triangles. One triangle is pointing up and the other is pointing down. They are locked in a harmonious embrace. In Sanskrit, the two components are called “Aum (Om)” and the “Hrim (Hreem)”.
AUM (OM) represents the wholeness of the universe and the eternal vibratory sound of Brahman (the universal soul) that permeates it. AUM is the mantra of ascent and it causes our energy to rise upward into the infinite. It means yes and affirms and energizes whatever we say after it. This is why all mantras begin with AUM. AUM increases the fire, air and ether elements; it also gives us strength, protection, and grace. It connects us with the guidance power of our soul.

A” stands for creation
U” stands for preservation
M” indicates destruction or dissolution
The tree letters forming AUM indicate the three planes of existence (lokas) of this universe. Heaven (Svarga), Earth (Martya), and Netherworld (Patala).
AUM represents the complete union between breath, body, mind, and spirit.

HRIM governs over the cosmic magnetic energy and the power of the soul and causal body. It is the prime mantra of the Great Goddess and ruler of the worlds and holds all her creative and healing powers. HRIM awakens us at a soul or heart level connecting us to Divine forces of love and attraction. It is charming and alluring, yet purifying. Through it we can control the illusion power (maya) of our own minds. In Vedic terms, HRIM is a mantra of the Sun, particularly in terms of illumination. It increases our aspiration and receptivity to divine light, wisdom, and truth. It opens the lotus of the heart to the inner Sun of consciousness. It is a mantra of the region of heaven or the consciousness space in which all the worlds exist.
The two components “AUM” and “HRIM” symbolize mankind’s position between the earth and the sky. The downward triangle symbolizes Shakti, the sacred embodiment of femininity. Shakti is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power and sometimes referred to as “The Great Divine Mother” in Hinduism.
The upward triangle symbolizes Shiva, representing the focused aspects of masculinity. Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.
The mystical union of the two triangles represents creation, occurring through the divine union of male and female. The two locked triangles are also known as “Shanmukha” (six-faced), representing the six faces of Shiva and Shakti’s progeny Kartikeya.

The twelve lotus petals of the heart chakra:
Each petal is inscribed with a Sanskrit syllable: Kam, Kham, Gam, Gham, Ngam, Cham, Chham, Jam, Jham, Nyam, Tam and Tham. Energy flows in and out of the petals, carried by the syllable sound, in twelve directions. Each petal represents a plexus where the channels of energy (Nadis) converge. The syllables symbolically represent the vital energy that comes from these points. These petals correspond to twelve mental states: Fraud, lustfulness, indecision, hope, anxiety, repentance, possessiveness, incompetence, discrimination, impartiality, arrogance, and defiance.

The deer or antelope:
The seed syllable of the heart chakra is “YAM” (sometimes translated as “Yang”). YAM carries the meaning of the air or wind element. The sound or “mantra” is connected to the control of the air and the breath.
The deer or antelope is the carrier of the seed sound. The animal symbolizes the heart and its qualities. It mirrors the type of energy or process we go through in the matters of the heart. The spirit of the deer or antelope is characterized by gentleness, grace, and innocence.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Healing with the help of spirit

The beauty of working with your soul and spirit guides is that they all want to help you. For the ones that don’t have this connection, there is much that you can do by seeking help from counselors, energy healers, psychic mediums, and so on. Also, the use of crystals, herbal medication and other tools for healing can be very helpful. My personal experiences come from spirit. 
During childhood, I gave up on living and my survival instincts kicked in. My “unconscious” mind (ego) was running the show and my self-damaging behavior was a reaction which formed habits that weren’t always good to have. It was time to address my behavioral patterns but my ego was trying hard to keep me in place. I realized that I had the power to silence the ego. 

An important part, of the spiritual journey, is to learn how to “let go of” ego and emotional attachments and to become an observer of your life. A remarkable shift in perspective will take place when you examine your life from the soul’s perspective. This will give you understanding about your choices, actions, and results of life events.

Spirit had the following to say:
Me: “How can I use my consciousness and work on emotional blockages without the ego triggering a response?”
Spirit: “First you have to understand that your soul is pure energy, just like spirit is. Your consciousness is the space between form. And you have a body to experience emotions and feelings in a way that you would never be able to do if you were to remain within the spiritual realm. 
Experiencing emotions and feelings is one of the reasons why the physical realm was created. When you know that you are part of the soul, that the two are one, you can use the consciousness to work on issues created by your physical being and the ego.
Allow yourself to go along with the healing process and write down whatever comes to you. Writing is an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, and this is what you see with your human eyes. It doesn’t matter if your perceptions are true or false. All that matters is that you learn the process and learn to let go of restrictions that you placed upon yourself.
When the ego is involved it will hold you back, you’ll have to push through and state your intentions. Focus and tell the ego to leave and it will go away. Use intentions with a clear mind, be mindful, take a few deep breaths and quiet the mind. Repeat this until you can hold your focus. 
Awareness is important when it comes to set your creative side free and it takes practice. Shut out the world when you feel influenced and distracted by your environment. Go into meditation, listen to soothing music, and silence the mind." 

Spirit cut energy attachments to significant moments in my life when I went into meditation. Though I wasn’t thinking about my past, these attachments were a part of my energy field. Cutting these “cords” didn’t solve the problem but it removed the heavy energy, cleansed my spirit, and made “letting go of” the past much easier. Spirit also likes to use the Akashic records for healing.

Dialogue with spirit - Using the Akashic records for healing:
Spirit: “The Akashic records are recordings from every being within the physical realm. It holds all the information of everything that occurred in your life. Knowing that you are consciousness enables you to walk into the records with the approval of its keepers, (In other words, you can’t just walk in there, and you need to have access granted). When you look at your memories you’ll be able to step back and observe, realize and learn, and “let go” of the pain and suffering that are attached to these events. When you see the ”bigger picture of life” and understand why things happened, it will be easier to let things go.

Using your emotions and ego for healing:
Everything in life was created for and by you so that you can experience the emotional and physical aspects of your being. This helps you to understand your life on a soul level. Emotions are reactions that come from the ego and they are low in vibration. Love comes from the heart and emotions come from ego. The ego uses emotions as an indication that there’s more healing to do. Raise your vibration when you feel emotions and you’ll be able to detach the ego aspect. When you look at the ego in terms of energy it will become a tool to help you grow in awareness. 

You can raise your vibration by stating your intent and use visualization. 
Intend - Thought - Action - Result.
For example, you are feeling sad: 
State your intend: I intend to be joyful and happy.
Visualize yourself as doing something that makes you happy and feel this feeling.
Action: Do something that makes you happy. Listen to music.
Result: You will feel much better.

Positive affirmations to resolve emotional blockages:
I intend to resolve all karma and the attachment to the physical realm
I intend to let go of the ego as it is no longer needed to help me survive life
I intend to resolve emotional blockages and learn from all of life’s experiences
I intend to transform into who I truly am
I intend to live consciously

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The fear of judgment - Dialogue with spirit

Since I started this blog I learned much, studied much, meditated much, and peeled away many layers of illusions and beliefs conditioned by my upbringing, experiences, and surroundings. When it comes to spiritual knowledge, I feel like I have only scratched the surface and that there’s so much to learn. I do know for sure that there’s no right or wrong way to travel the spiritual journey in life. This experience is different for all of us, yet, it leads to the same end game which is to embrace our soul so that the two, body and soul, can become one once again.

At first, I approached the “spiritual awakening” from a distance by focusing on information gained through studies and research. I incorporated some of the messages that I received from spirit with my research. But, I felt reluctant to use the communications that I had with spirit. I felt a fear of prosecution by people that didn’t understand what I was going through. Channeling and speaking with spirit was greatly frowned upon, and judged as walking on “shaky ground” by the community that I am a part of which contains many religious people. You’ll drive by four churches of different denominations from my house to the first grocery store. And this is when you drive in one direction. This “fear” that I was feeling held me back but also guided me to study more about human history. When I realized that many of the stories told by the three major religions (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) had their roots in myths and other religions I became free from fear.

I assume that everyone is capable to speak with spirit and receive knowledge and messages given to uplift our being. The messages are supportive and sometimes hard to understand which will urge you to study more and this leads to another dimension of your own consciousness. It’s a fascinating process. I came to realize that this process works differently for everyone. Some do have this communication with spirit while others receive synchronicities, signs and other forms of guidance.

I will share my communications with spirit and write additional blogs on the topics discussed and approach this blog from this point of view. I’m not sure why I’m doing this but I feel strongly guided to do so. If it helps me, it may help someone else.

Dialogue with spirit - 12.9.2017

Spirit: “We (spirit) can come to you in many different ways and forms. Sometimes you will see the energetic body suit which is pure (white) energy, and other times you will see us as you saw us during a past life that we shared. Let’s go and visit the Pleiades council. The last time you were there you received much information and learned much in between your visits in the spiritual realm.”

The Pleiades council: 
The council: “Ah, welcome. It is good to have you join the council. We have closely watched you as you are taking this journey into the spiritual abyss. This journey is necessary for each human individual. It is important to reconnect and understand the source of where you came from. You have learned much and we are very happy to see your progress. There is still so much to discover and you are to start a long journey which will give you many answers to the questions that you have. ”
Me:  “I was guided to read about the Gnostics, Kabbalah, Enki (the lost book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin), the Anunnaki, the Emerald Tablets of Toth, and Mithras. I know that I’m sometimes sidetracked but I feel that the discovery of Marduk was the start of this journey.”
The council:  “Yes. Marduk plays a significant role in the human, or I should say the modern human civilization that you are a part of. The Anunnaki continued this civilization. However, it was already created by the civilization of Atlantis. The Anunnaki are the giants that you read about in the bible.”

Everything that spirit tells us is meant to teach and guide us. Sometimes I doubt that the information given is “truth”. However, most of it is confirmed by my studies. What I’m learning is my truth and this doesn’t have to be your truth.