Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spirit likes to talk

Everything physical has its counterpart in the spiritual realm as well (human/soul). You galactic neighbors who inhabit a body also have a spirit body just like you do. The spiritual realm is a collective gathering place where everyone comes together. This realm is also the place where communication is established with extraterrestrial species because all use the same spiritual consciousness. Many people are capable of connecting with advanced spirits that reside in higher dimensions. Some scientific knowledge (formulas) were received in this way. One of the languages of the universe is sound. Spirit also works with symbols, telepathy, numbers, and colors. 

Your immediate group of guides stays behind in the spiritual realm. To guide a human life it is more convenient for spirit guides to stay in the spiritual realm because they have full access to everything that happens in your life. Besides, a human life lasts like a blink of an eye because time does not exist in the spiritual realm.

The source is the gathering place where all spirits (personalities) come together. It is also the realm where souls go when they have completed their stages of growth in the physical universe. Souls unite with the source energy after completion and from there they can “spark” into another universe and thus become part of the multi-verse. Growth continues after this as well; it is infinite.
Energy forms into all kinds of shapes even cosmic bodies such as stars and planets. You are made from the same energy and can, therefore, become whatever you want to be. However, this you decide when you are in the spiritual realm before incarnation. But, you have to go through the process of growth and by growing to your full potential as a soul first. Many of the advanced souls have already learned much about the workings of this process and they chose to come to the earth to help humanity shift into the next phase of evolution which in spiritual circles is called the ascension. 
In the spiritual realm, you all help each other (soul mates that we meet in life) and you all share the same soul essence. This soul essence is your common star seed also known as the light (energy). 

There is something to be learned from anyone that you meet even from people that you don’t like and who harmed you.

How does it all work?
Dense energy is low in vibration and frequency is referred to as “dark” and energy that is high in vibration and frequency is referred to as “light”. Ultimately the terms “light” and “dark” is also an illusion. Spirits are light, even the ones that are judged as dark are more like a deep dark shade of purple. To the higher-self (soul) everything is energy. Darkness is not completely dark because it is part of the same light spectrum. It is the human consciousness that perceives it as such.

Spirits message:
Dark spirits (dark forces) are named as such because they are judged as “evil” by humanity. They are often young and inexperienced in their spiritual growth. Some of these spirits can be advanced souls that choose to explore the “dark side” of life. Some people may “fall” into darkness due to traumatic experiences. Every realm, world, dimension, has a purpose and all the experiences will add to the overall growth of the spirit (personality, think of a human being) and the soul. In the spiritual realm, darkness doesn’t exist and isn’t judged as such. It is a human concept to judge darkness as evil. On an energetic level, nothing is wasted and everything adds to the spiritual growth of an individual, even events that are considered to be evil.

When you start to observe the people around you, including your own behavior, something remarkable happens when it’s shared with spirit. What you are actually doing is reading a person’s energy with the help of your spirit guides. A deeper understanding will take place and this helps you not only to grow as an individual but also on a spiritual level. Human behavior is fascinating, to say the least, and spirit likes to talk and explain the deeper meaning of behavior.

Example of a reading (the person is referred to as “He” or “this person”):
This person is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps and making a living by using people. It is up to the individual to see through his scams. He knows that what he is doing is shady although he continues to plot his plans. His father conducted business in a different way; he was a more honest man. The father also did things that weren’t right. All of this is part of this person’s karma. He is attached to the memories of his times and travels with his family (in other words he lives in the past). Understand that he is identified with the unconscious mind and that his ego is running the show. Meanwhile, he is leaving a trail of people behind which he treated unfairly.

On a physical level, human behavior has to do with its consciousness. The cause and effect of behavior teach the spirit valuable lessons which will be added to its overall growth.
Spirits within the spiritual realm can show human behavior when they are energetically attached to the physical incarnation (ghosts). This also goes for a person’s spirit that you connect with when you perform a reading. It’s a different experience when you connect with the higher-self (soul) because the higher-self is the true energetic self which creates personalities (spirits). When a person dies its spirit goes into “recovery” to restore all of its energy before moving further into the spiritual realm. Spirits that are advanced, or what people refer to as an “old soul”, are not as attached and identified with their last incarnation and will spend less time in recovery. These are people that were awakened and connected with the spiritual realm throughout life. This doesn’t mean that a person can’t make mistakes, create harm, or attempt to eradicate the ego (which is a mistake to think that a person should remove the ego because an ego also has a purpose). Everything that happens during incarnation is all part of the learning experience. 

You can observe behavior but when you judge it your identifying with the unconscious mind and therefore become unconscious yourself. The ego will play tricks and create illusions until you stop judging what you "see". You could look at the ego as a “tool” that can bring in awareness once you become aware of what it is doing to your consciousness. The unconscious mind creates stories and when you believe these stories you are following the ego; follow your heart instead.

You can fall back into an “unconscious” mindset however by practicing awareness you can avoid much of these moments. Connect with spirit a few times a day when you feel like you are falling into unawareness. You may go through phases where you don’t feel like connecting with spirit and this is also alright. Many still hold back in their spiritual growth by allowing their surroundings to influence them; the cause for this is often relationship related. It is an illusion to think that you have plenty of time during your life to grow to your full potential because that moment is always right now.  Learn to balance and maintain your spiritual connection. It doesn’t matter what the world around you does; what matters is what you do.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

We are one big ass "happy" family under a big old family tree!

The soul (higher-self) creates its own spirit which you could also refer to as a personality. This personality inhabits a body of its choosing. In your case, this is a human body. You have a natural connection with the spiritual realm because this is where your soul resides. You may have heard the term: As above so below. The same is true for: As below so above. The earth (other planets), its inhibitors, and the spiritual realm are all part of the physical dimension; they are related and work with each other even when we are not consciously aware of this. You could say that there is a ripple effect which occurs when something happens on the earth and on a smaller scale when something happens to you. The vibrations of an event also affect the spiritual realm. The same is true the other way around. We are all connected and related through and by our consciousness and soul essence. Soul essence = the “white” energy you always read and hear about in spiritual circles which also makes your true energetic self ((soul) an example of this would be an orb that some of you have seen).

We are one big ass “happy” family under a big old family tree!
Creation is endless and our galactic ancestry is enormous. Several galactic civilizations have the ability to create souls. When you hear a person say that they are Pleiadian they are actually referring to their higher-self and where it was created. People that are claiming to be an angel (like we see described in the bible with wings and all) or any other galactic being disguised as a human are fooling themselves. However, on a soul level, it is possible that the soul was created in another star cluster. All this doesn’t mean that earth can’t be visited by galactic beings on a physical or astral level.

Spirit’s message:
The first civilization created in your galaxy was the Seraphim. They are not angels but are part of the angelic family as we all are (messengers). Every star cluster within your physical universe has its own civilization. The star cluster Alexandria is home to Atlantis and its civilization. They came to earth many years before the Anunnaki did. Between the times of Atlantis and the Anunnaki, the Pleiadians came to earth; they are your star sisters and brothers. What is known as angels (Anunnaki) in your culture is a creation of the Pleiadians because they wanted to make sure that your ancestral inheritance would be remembered. However, the angels had a will of their own and an ego. When they came to the earth they also brought ego related character traits and this is why humanity struggles with duality.

Examples of galactic civilizations who shared their star seed (soul essence) with their creation:
Atlanteans created the Pleiadians
Atlanteans created the first human being (a prototype made from flesh and bones)
Pleiadians created the Anunnaki (known to most as angels)
The Anunnaki created the civilized human (they gave the human “prototype” soul essence).

In spirituality, people talk about “the light” which is pure energy. Bright light is high in frequency and vibration. “Dark” light is dense and low in frequency and vibration. The term “darkness” simply means that it is low in frequency and dense in terms of energy. Light and dark are still made from the same energy but they are the opposite of the same spectrum. Soul essence, spirit, consciousness, light, dark = all energy. So, beings whose frequency and vibrations are “light” reside in the higher dimensions within the spiritual realm. There are also beings whose frequency and vibrations are low. An example of such a species would be the Reptilians; they were created from a “darker force” which was dense in terms of energy. This civilization can be violent and harmful to others. This is not because they choose to do so; they simply don’t know any better. They are an intelligent and advanced being but they don’t know how to use or what to do with emotions and this is why they are interested in earth. You could say that a Reptilian, when cornered, will react out of fear and attack. Reptilians used to be on the earth in great numbers during the times of the dinosaurs. This civilization has also left its mark within the dormant strands of human DNA, also known as “junk” DNA

When you look at all of the different “beings” within the spiritual realm that many of you connect with when channeling it is important to realize that there is nothing to fear. Spirits in the spiritual realm are a form of energy and so are you. It is a misunderstanding that creates this fear and this goes both ways. Protect your energy field and ask help from your spirit guides when you channel. Do this and you should be fine.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Say goodbye to Pisces and hello to Aquarius!

The Pleiadians are humanities ancestors (we are related to other species as well) and both species share the same star seed. The term star seed is also referred to as soul essence or energy. The Pleiadians intention was to share their soul essence to continue their legacy on the earth. They guide us as we climb the ascension ladder and transition from our 3rd-dimensional perspective into the 4th. Goodbye Pisces and hello Aquarius.
The ascension will go through stages:
Spiritual awakening: The soul awakens its spirit so that the host can start to view itself from a galactic perspective.
Shed the old behavioral patterns which were conditioned by society, controlled by the ego and part of the physical dimension. This is a time of cleansing which is known as the time of Aquarius.
Remembering your Akash especially the wisdom gained from the past lives. Use the Akash for growth and not to satisfy curiosity because you can create illusions when there is still ego and desire present. The Akash was created to harness the wisdom stored within its records. One can only enter its records when permission is granted by its guardians.
Channeling: Much information will come to you through channeling and this will come in various ways. It helps to contemplate and focus your energy on specific questions that you may have about spiritual topics.
Galactic consciousness: You will grow and change your perspectives seen through the human consciousness into that of the galactic consciousness. How you view your life will change when you acknowledge your galactic heritage.

Nations and their institutions control much of the population by the use of fear. These institutions are designed to keep humanity in an oblivion about extraterrestrial knowledge, ancient texts, relics and other artifacts and knowledge. There are many libraries hidden from civilization that contain channeled works. Much of these works are extraterrestrial in nature.
    Religion was created by and for humanity and it is a form of slavery used to control its followers by promising a heaven or a hell. Live your life right and you are given the Promised Land choosing otherwise and you’ll go to hell. Institutions, such as the church, will lose its control because more people are breaking away from fear and conditioned beliefs that were passed down through generations of ancestors. Like the ancient religions, the current religions will also cease to exist.

Spirits message:
When you discuss and write about spirituality and its many topics it may seem ludicrous to some people. Many have a different mindset and don't use their consciousness in a proficient way and refuse to give into their natural abilities to connect with spirit. You could say that they are "the sheep" who follow a system that brings no fruition to their being (think of systems like governments and religion). Can you imagine a world where everyone has all the information and tools necessary to evolve as a species? All this spiritual knowledge is found within your being and revealed when you connect with the soul's consciousness (the higher-self, your team of spirit guides). Much of the spiritual information is already shared by many and will help bring spiritual awareness to the curious souls. This information is needed to assist in a global awakening. Understanding spiritual knowledge opens many doors that will eventually lead to a spiritual awakening. You could say that an army of earth angels, and by angels we mean messengers, bring knowledge to the public and assist in the awakening process.

Today’s children will create humanities leap in consciousness; it is all part of evolution and the ascension. The ascension is not a new concept and other galactic civilizations, such as the Pleiadians, have gone through this. There is only room for growth and expansion. Your life force will eventually outgrow the physical body because energy always outgrows its confinement. Your consciousness will evolve and combined with wisdom and knowledge about universal laws of all kinds you will be able to create a physical form by using only thoughts and words. This is when you will truly become a galactic being.

The Unconscious mind is the storage place for our memories that are repressed or which we don’t wish to recall. For example, childhood traumas or something distant like what you had for lunch ten years ago. We can’t remember these memories by choice but they can be triggered by hypnosis, a specific event, scent, etc.
The memories in the subconscious mind are closer to the surface and more easily accessible with a little focus. We can choose to remember these memories and bring them into the conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the source of the “programs” such as memories, feelings, habits, behavior, and emotions that our subconscious mind uses.
These two minds are the place where all your memories and experiences since birth have been stored. It’s from these memories that your beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed and reinforced over time.

You can start to look at yourself as a galactic being and see life from spirits perspective while resolving blockages within your unconscious and subconscious mind. Learn, evolve, and enjoy your spiritual journey. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Heart Chakra - Compassion

A person with a healthy heart chakra is balanced, radiates love, self -acceptance, cares for and has compassion towards others. When it came to my inner (spiritual) healing I knew that I had to focus on my chakra’s including the Anahata (heart chakra). I wasn’t feeling much joy in my life, and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to feel happy, I felt blocked because emotional crap was standing in the way. Some of the symptoms when the heart chakra isn’t working as it should are shallow breathing, slow metabolism, and physical energy, divided between mind and body, feeling withdrawn and not be a part of life. The result is that you feel tired and drained all the time. Most of these symptoms were true for me.

Giving love to people was “easy” but I had no idea how to give love to myself. I wasn’t taught how to love myself. My mother was sick, mentally and physically, and I grew up taking care of her needs while leaving my own unaddressed. This pattern continued into my thirties until the spiritual awakening came along, and I realized that it was time to open my heart and allow love to flow free.

Healing with Archangel Chamuel:
There are different ways to heal a chakra and I was guided to use a technique for healing and restoring the heart chakra with the help of Archangel Chamuel.
The idea behind this healing technique was as follows:
- Go into meditation and burn a pink or green candle to help connect with Chamuel. Both colors work well for the heart chakra.
- Ask Archangel Chamuel for his help.
- Visualize the lotus associated with the heart chakra. The lotus has 12 petals.
- Restore each of the petals.

Don’t expect an immediate result. On an energetic level, it takes time for the healing to take full effect, 6 months to 3.5 years. Healing yourself has everything to do with awareness and it is important that you keep your focus on the present moment. Otherwise, you can stagnate the healing process and it will take longer. Restoring the petals is one step of the healing process.
The more we let go of our attachments to the past, the more healing takes place. Just like everything else in the spiritual journey, there is no such thing as a “quick fix”. But, there are many other ways we can use and incorporate this healing technique. Some examples are EFT (emotional freedom technique), homeopathy, herbs, crystals, meditation.

Who is Archangel Chamuel?
In the Kaballah, Chamuel has a special place. He is the archangel of the Geburah (the 5th Sephira on the tree of life). Kabbalists say that Chamuel is one of the Seraphim's and he is part of the highest choir of angels. He sees the connection between everything and everybody. His purpose or mission is to help people find peace. Chamuel can help you to obtain inner peace even in stressful and hard times. He also assists in finding missing objects and find solutions to different problems.
In my personal experiences, the angels are watching over us at all times and are more than willing to help us. All that we have to do is ask for their help.

After I received healing from Chamuel a period of “rest” followed. The healing was doing its thing and I focused on aspects of the spiritual journey by learning as much as I could and speaking with spirit. I’m a member of many spiritual groups and I started to see more posts about love and compassion. This was perfect timing because I had people around me that I felt uncomfortable with. My attention was drawn to this topic of compassion. Spirit was trying to make a point and wanted me to listen more closely. So I went into meditation and this is what they had to say:

Conversation with spirit:
Soul: Compassion is love without judgment, it is the heart connection. Compassion will grow when you apply this to your own being by letting go of what the conditioned world told you to believe. It is all part of the same construction. Compassion and applying compassion in your life at any given situation will make you grow as the spiritual being that you are and it will help you see life from the soul’s perspective. You are here to experience and for the time being, the earth is your school. Being around other people is the perfect way to master these skills such as compassion and the answer to any situation always lies within you. You do have a choice.

Soul: When you are around someone that makes you feel uncomfortable you can create tension and put negative energy into the situation by your thoughts. Welcome these feelings and take a step back to see why you are feeling uncomfortable with. Go within and apply compassion by showing love and kindness. You are not here to entertain anyone, just be. When you stop reacting the uncomfortable feeling will go away. These situations are an opportunity to go within and apply love and kindness. Accept it as it is, so that awareness can come in. All the feelings that you have such as irritation, anger, resentment around certain people, will go away. It may be heightened for a moment, let it be, and remove all judgment. When you are fighting these feeling, which is from the ego, they are based on your own belief system. Always remove yourself from any threatening situations. However, most people are simply here to expand their consciousness, even when they don’t realize that this is what they are doing. All that you have to do is “just be”. Reactions come from the unconscious mind which is the ego, it is unawareness. By bringing awareness into a situation you are able to come from a place of love. This is a skill, a technique to allow yourself to be authentic and complete.
Me: So, compassion is a way to become who we are as a sentient being? And when we deactivate the ego by going within we make room for awareness and growth? What is the point for all of this?
Soul: When you take away the ego reactions you will be able to come from a place of spiritual awareness, a place of love and the soul’s perspective. Life will change because your perception of life has changed. You will be able to feel joy and happiness in everything that you do and everywhere that you go.

How do you become more compassionate?
When you align with your soul you create authentic power and this brings harmony and cooperation. You are allowing your soul to guide you. As you create authentic power you’ll become a compassionate person. Part of you is already compassionate which comes from love. You experience this as gratitude, appreciation, sharing, contentment, and patience. In Buddhism, this is called the “Buddha seed”. Another part of you is not compassionate which comes from fear. You experience this as anger, resentment, judgment, superiority, and inferiority. This part of you doesn’t care about people and only cares about itself. The current human condition is “unconsciousness”, it is identified with the mind and expressed by the “ego”. Although, our human condition is changing and becoming more aware and awakened with their connection to the soul. When you judge someone you identify with the unconscious mind and the same is true for self-judgment. Allow people to speak their mind and practice compassion when you notice that these people are identified with their mind. By practicing compassion you are allowing the transmission of presence to come in and this is where change happens. You’ll be able to observe a situation without having attachments to what is said. People that live life without compassion and kindness live in pain. You give compassion to yourself while giving it to other people. So, learn to recognize when you react from fear or from love. Challenge any reactions that come from fear/ego by not acting on it as you are feeling this. By cultivating love and act from love while feeling fear, you’ll become compassionate and start to care about other people. This is the heart connection and you strengthen this by being kind to yourself and to others.

You can train and improve your compassion through meditation and awareness. Compassion includes all beings regardless of what they do or have done. So, it is easier to feel compassion for our loved ones and difficult to feel sympathy for people that we don’t like or know. However, when you remove judgment and don’t identify with someone else’s deeds, you are able to stay true to yourself. And this is an important aspect of unconditional love.

Three steps to practice compassion:
- Don’t react/act. Go within and develop emotional awareness
- Create a gap between impulse and emotion. From there you can consciously choose what to say
- Act from the most loving part of your personality. This can mean that you don’t say anything.
Make these choices every time when you feel like you are becoming identified with your own or a person’s story.