Thursday, January 11, 2018

Healing with the help of spirit

The beauty of working with your soul and spirit guides is that they all want to help you. For the ones that don’t have this connection, there is much that you can do by seeking help from counselors, energy healers, psychic mediums, and so on. Also, the use of crystals, herbal medication and other tools for healing can be very helpful. My personal experiences come from spirit. 
During childhood, I gave up on living and my survival instincts kicked in. My “unconscious” mind (ego) was running the show and my self-damaging behavior was a reaction which formed habits that weren’t always good to have. It was time to address my behavioral patterns but my ego was trying hard to keep me in place. I realized that I had the power to silence the ego. 

An important part, of the spiritual journey, is to learn how to “let go of” ego and emotional attachments and to become an observer of your life. A remarkable shift in perspective will take place when you examine your life from the soul’s perspective. This will give you understanding about your choices, actions, and results of life events.

Spirit had the following to say:
Me: “How can I use my consciousness and work on emotional blockages without the ego triggering a response?”
Spirit: “First you have to understand that your soul is pure energy, just like spirit is. Your consciousness is the space between form. And you have a body to experience emotions and feelings in a way that you would never be able to do if you were to remain within the spiritual realm. 
Experiencing emotions and feelings is one of the reasons why the physical realm was created. When you know that you are part of the soul, that the two are one, you can use the consciousness to work on issues created by your physical being and the ego.
Allow yourself to go along with the healing process and write down whatever comes to you. Writing is an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, and this is what you see with your human eyes. It doesn’t matter if your perceptions are true or false. All that matters is that you learn the process and learn to let go of restrictions that you placed upon yourself.
When the ego is involved it will hold you back, you’ll have to push through and state your intentions. Focus and tell the ego to leave and it will go away. Use intentions with a clear mind, be mindful, take a few deep breaths and quiet the mind. Repeat this until you can hold your focus. 
Awareness is important when it comes to set your creative side free and it takes practice. Shut out the world when you feel influenced and distracted by your environment. Go into meditation, listen to soothing music, and silence the mind." 

Spirit cut energy attachments to significant moments in my life when I went into meditation. Though I wasn’t thinking about my past, these attachments were a part of my energy field. Cutting these “cords” didn’t solve the problem but it removed the heavy energy, cleansed my spirit, and made “letting go of” the past much easier. Spirit also likes to use the Akashic records for healing.

Dialogue with spirit - Using the Akashic records for healing:
Spirit: “The Akashic records are recordings from every being within the physical realm. It holds all the information of everything that occurred in your life. Knowing that you are consciousness enables you to walk into the records with the approval of its keepers, (In other words, you can’t just walk in there, and you need to have access granted). When you look at your memories you’ll be able to step back and observe, realize and learn, and “let go” of the pain and suffering that are attached to these events. When you see the ”bigger picture of life” and understand why things happened, it will be easier to let things go.

Using your emotions and ego for healing:
Everything in life was created for and by you so that you can experience the emotional and physical aspects of your being. This helps you to understand your life on a soul level. Emotions are reactions that come from the ego and they are low in vibration. Love comes from the heart and emotions come from ego. The ego uses emotions as an indication that there’s more healing to do. Raise your vibration when you feel emotions and you’ll be able to detach the ego aspect. When you look at the ego in terms of energy it will become a tool to help you grow in awareness. 

You can raise your vibration by stating your intent and use visualization. 
Intend - Thought - Action - Result.
For example, you are feeling sad: 
State your intend: I intend to be joyful and happy.
Visualize yourself as doing something that makes you happy and feel this feeling.
Action: Do something that makes you happy. Listen to music.
Result: You will feel much better.

Positive affirmations to resolve emotional blockages:
I intend to resolve all karma and the attachment to the physical realm
I intend to let go of the ego as it is no longer needed to help me survive life
I intend to resolve emotional blockages and learn from all of life’s experiences
I intend to transform into who I truly am
I intend to live consciously

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The fear of judgment - Dialogue with spirit

Since I started this blog I learned much, studied much, meditated much, and peeled away many layers of illusions and beliefs conditioned by my upbringing, experiences, and surroundings. When it comes to spiritual knowledge, I feel like I have only scratched the surface and that there’s so much to learn. I do know for sure that there’s no right or wrong way to travel the spiritual journey in life. This experience is different for all of us, yet, it leads to the same end game which is to embrace our soul so that the two, body and soul, can become one once again.

At first, I approached the “spiritual awakening” from a distance by focusing on information gained through studies and research. I incorporated some of the messages that I received from spirit with my research. But, I felt reluctant to use the communications that I had with spirit. I felt a fear of prosecution by people that didn’t understand what I was going through. Channeling and speaking with spirit was greatly frowned upon, and judged as walking on “shaky ground” by the community that I am a part of which contains many religious people. You’ll drive by four churches of different denominations from my house to the first grocery store. And this is when you drive in one direction. This “fear” that I was feeling held me back but also guided me to study more about human history. When I realized that many of the stories told by the three major religions (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) had their roots in myths and other religions I became free from fear.

I assume that everyone is capable to speak with spirit and receive knowledge and messages given to uplift our being. The messages are supportive and sometimes hard to understand which will urge you to study more and this leads to another dimension of your own consciousness. It’s a fascinating process. I came to realize that this process works differently for everyone. Some do have this communication with spirit while others receive synchronicities, signs and other forms of guidance.

I will share my communications with spirit and write additional blogs on the topics discussed and approach this blog from this point of view. I’m not sure why I’m doing this but I feel strongly guided to do so. If it helps me, it may help someone else.

Dialogue with spirit - 12.9.2017

Spirit: “We (spirit) can come to you in many different ways and forms. Sometimes you will see the energetic body suit which is pure (white) energy, and other times you will see us as you saw us during a past life that we shared. Let’s go and visit the Pleiades council. The last time you were there you received much information and learned much in between your visits in the spiritual realm.”

The Pleiades council: 
The council: “Ah, welcome. It is good to have you join the council. We have closely watched you as you are taking this journey into the spiritual abyss. This journey is necessary for each human individual. It is important to reconnect and understand the source of where you came from. You have learned much and we are very happy to see your progress. There is still so much to discover and you are to start a long journey which will give you many answers to the questions that you have. ”
Me:  “I was guided to read about the Gnostics, Kabbalah, Enki (the lost book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin), the Anunnaki, the Emerald Tablets of Toth, and Mithras. I know that I’m sometimes sidetracked but I feel that the discovery of Marduk was the start of this journey.”
The council:  “Yes. Marduk plays a significant role in the human, or I should say the modern human civilization that you are a part of. The Anunnaki continued this civilization. However, it was already created by the civilization of Atlantis. The Anunnaki are the giants that you read about in the bible.”

Everything that spirit tells us is meant to teach and guide us. Sometimes I doubt that the information given is “truth”. However, most of it is confirmed by my studies. What I’m learning is my truth and this doesn’t have to be your truth.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Spiritual awakening and consciousness

A spiritual awakening happens when your soul awakens its spirit, this can feel overwhelming, and when this happened to me I wasn’t sure what was going on. Instead of meditating and silencing the mind, the silence began to speak. The awakening established a connecting with my soul and I received knowledge and understanding from a realm beyond the “earthly” one. On a soul level, I connected to the spiritual realm and became disconnected from the matrix, our conditioned social programming. When I met like-minded people I noticed that this “awakening” happened to others as well. It was good to know that I wasn’t alone and going through this awakening process, it was happening on a global scale. Social network sites that focused on spirituality, and their members sharing their knowledge and experiences, helped me to understand spirituality. This was a relief, most of my immediate surroundings, my friends, and family, were “making it through the day” without bringing any spiritual value to their being. Many people have a religious background, social conditioning, and want nothing to do with spirituality. My thinking was the opposite and this made my journey a lonely one. I tried to talk about the awakening and instead of receiving a joyful reaction I felt judged and ridiculed. A change of approach made it possible for me to reach people on their “level” of awareness and this was a great lesson. There’s no sense in discussing spirituality when someone can’t be open to it; this didn’t mean that I was better than them, in truth, there’s no such thing.
So, what was this “awakening” about? Spirit was very clear and said: “It’s about expanding your consciousness, your awareness, and remembering who you are.” In Eastern traditions such as Buddhism, I found knowledge about consciousness and the different stages.

Source Wikipedia:
Expanding consciousness is a progression of awareness and concern for others. Siddhartha Guatama, better known as Guatama Buddha or Buddha, was an enlightened teacher who attained full Buddhahood and shared his insights to help sentient beings end rebirth and suffering. Buddha’s followers summarized and memorized his discourses and monastic rules. His teachings passed down by oral tradition and 400 years after his death committed to writing.

Buddha defined consciousness as follows:
Level one:
External change - Perception of space and time
Internal change - Awareness of physical body; Focus on individual survival
Level two:
External change - Separate good from evil
Internal change - Distinguish the self from others
Level three:
External change - Capable of discrimination
Internal change - Choice to align with goodness rather than evil
Level four:
External change - Reverence toward nature; Oneness; Against harming others
Internal change - Decreased attachment to material possessions
Level five:
External change - Ability to heal others in certain circumstances
Internal change - Physical, Mental, emotional, and spiritual restoration
Level six:
External change - Ability to heal others in any condition
Internal change - No value in individuality; Importance of community contribution
Level seven:
External change - Teachers of all others
Internal change - Exemplify four principles of honesty, faithfulness, service, and truthfulness (examples: Jesus and Buddha)

Within most Eastern belief structures is the principle of the Cosmos as a joint entity with human awareness. Many branches of this belief structure stress the importance of AUM, also written as OM, as the first sound produced after the world was created.
Eastern perspectives assert that consciousness originates from AUM, and by using our human consciousness, we can achieve oneness with our soul. Oneness eliminates the separation of external and internal changes into one general indication of movement from stage to stage. And this movement is known as the Seven Shamanic levels of consciousness.

The Seven Shamanic levels of consciousness:
Personal - Knowledge of the self and of personality
Mankind - Knowledge of human evolution and its experiences
Amphibious - Sense of separate identity between water and land (Water and land are symbolic of man and earth)     
Spherical - Perceiving using the five bodily senses
Crystal - Perceiving using emotions, thoughts, and purity (First inorganic level undistorted by bodily senses)
Light - Attained only by near-death experiences; “tunnel effect” (First level above the human world)
Sound - Only heard when the mind attunes itself to the world (From the primeval vibration AUM)

You could say that the purpose of a spiritual awakening is to attain self-realization and to become one with your soul. It is much like dying, letting go of the old ego attachments, and being reborn by remembering the authentic self (your soul). The process of letting go is not easy, especially when the ego is throwing “fits”, it is a necessary part of the process. During this time you may have to “let go off” friends, relationships, your job so that you can make room for new adventures in your life. Spiritual schooling includes meditation, reading books, connecting with like-minded people, and other ways to enhance your consciousness. Don't fight this awakening process, go with the flow and embrace the “new” you.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Marduk - The great God of the Babylonians

Marduk was brought to my attention on, according to some people, Doomsday, September 23rd, 2017. I think that many people in spiritual circles have seen this image to the right and when I saw this I wanted to know what it meant. The first thing that I was drawn to was Virgo giving birth to Jupiter. Since I don't know anything about astrology I started researching and stumbled upon a page that mentioned the worship of Jupiter.

The following was mentioned on this page (
Marduk, the great god of the Babylonians, was the planet Jupiter, so was Amon of the Egyptians; Zeus of the Greeks was the same planet; Jupiter of the Romans, as the name shows, was again the same planet. Why was this planet chosen as the most exalted deity? In Greece it was called "all-highest, mighty Zeus", in Rome "Jupiter Optimus, Maximus", in Babylon it was known as "the greatest of the stars", as Ahuramazda it was called by Darius "the greatest of gods"; In India Shiva was described as "the great ruler" and considered the mightiest of all the gods; he was said to be "as brilliant as the sun". Everywhere Jupiter was regarded as the greatest deity, greater than the sun, moon, and other planets.
   Homer makes Zeus say that all the other gods together could not pull him down, but he could pull them along with the Earth. "That is how far I overwhelm you all, both gods and men". Commenting on this passage, Eustathius wrote that according to some ancient authorities Homer meant the orbits of the planets from which Jupiter could drive the rest of them, but they could not drive it. This sentence of Homer is close to the truth. Jupiter is greater and more powerful than Saturn, its rival, together with Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. Jupiter is more than a thousand times greater than the Earth or Venus in volume, and six thousand times greater than Mercury. But it appears that one could not guess this from observation with the naked eye. Even through a very powerful telescope Jupiter looks like an inch-large flat disc, surrounded by its four larger satellites. The ancients knew something unknown to the moderns when they asserted that Jupiter can overpower all other planets, the Earth included.

A few things came to mind as I read this. 1. Who was Marduk? 2. Jupiter overpowering the earth? Could this be linked to the doomsday scenario as mentioned in Revelations chapter 12? I realized that the "end of the world theory" was simply an energetic shift on a cosmic scale which had something to do with the transition from the physical dimension (3D) into the 4th and 5th dimension. Or better known as "The ascension" in New Age circles. Since this is going to take a while I decided to let this go and research more about Marduk, starting with the bible.

King James Bible:
Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not: say, Babylon is taken, Bel is confounded, Merodach (Marduk) is broken in pieces; her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces. Jeremiah 50:2

Contemporary English Version:
I will punish Marduk, the god of Babylon, and make him vomit up everything he gobbled down. Then nations will no longer bring him gifts, and Babylon's walls will crumble. Jeremiah 51:44

The word "Merodach", which is found as a surname of several non-Israelite kings in the Bible, is a Hebrew version of Marduk. The name of the biblical character Mordecai, portrayed in the Bible as the uncle of the Queen Esther of Persia and later prime minister under King Xerxes, is also a derivation of Marduk.

Marduk's symbol animal, the "snake-dragon".
This is a glazed brick relief from the city of Babylon
itself, dating to the Neo-Babylonian period.
on the site; Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses, Marduk is described as follows:
Marduk rose from an obscure deity in the third millennium BCE to become one of the most important gods and the head of the Mesopotamian pantheon in the first millennium. He was the patron god of the city of Babylon, where his temple tower, the ziggurat Etemenanki ("Temple (that is) the foundation of the heavens and the earth") served as the model for the famous "tower of Babel". In the first millennium, he was often referred to as Bel, the Akkadian word for "Lord".

Marduk's origins and original functions are obscure. He is associated with incantations already in the Old Babylonian period. Whether this was the reason for or result of a syncretism with the god Asalluhi is unclear. A different suggestion holds that Marduk was deliberately syncretised with Asalluhi in order to give Marduk a strong association with the city of Eridu and the god Enki/Ea, a powerful deity who did not belong to the original pantheon of Nippur. At the same time Marduk is mainly known as the patron god of the city of Babylon, and it has often been suggested that Marduk's religious importance increased with the city's growing political influence. In the first millennium, Marduk is identified with Jupiter.

Marduk's symbol, the (triangular)
spade, on top of a temple.
The relief probably dates around
the late 12th century BCE.
One of the best-known literary texts from ancient Mesopotamia describes Marduk's dramatic rise to power. This rise to power is often called "The Babylonian Epic of Creation", which is rather a misnomer, as the main focus of the story is the elevation of Marduk to the head of the pantheon, for which the creation story is only a vehicle. In this narrative, the god Marduk battles the goddess Tiamat, the deified ocean, often seen to represent a female principle, whereas Marduk stands for the male principle. Marduk is victorious, kills Tiamat, and creates the world from her body. In gratitude the other gods then bestow 50 names upon Marduk and select him to be their head. The number 50 is significant, because it was previously associated with the god Enlil, the former head of the pantheon, who was now replaced by Marduk. This replacement of Enlil is already foreshadowed in the prologue to the famous Code of Hammurabi, a collection of "laws", issued by Hammurabi, the most famous king of the first dynasty of Babylon. In the prologue, Hammurabi mentions that the gods Anu and Enlil determined for Marduk to receive the "Enlil-ship" (stewardship) of all the people, and with this elevated him into the highest echelons of the Mesopotamian pantheon.
Mesopotamia 2000-1600 BC

Is a historical region in West Asia situated within the Tigris-Euphrates river system, in modern days roughly corresponding to most of Iraq plus Kuwait, the eastern parts of Syria, Southeastern Turkey, and regions along the Turkish-Syrian and Iran-Iraq borders.

The Sumerians and Akkadians (including Assyrians and Babylonians) dominated Mesopotamia from the beginning of written history (c. 3100 BC) to the fall of Babylon in 539 BC, when it was conquered by the Achaemenid Empire. It fell to Alexander the Great in 332 BC, and after his death, it became part of the Greek Seleucid empire.

Around 150 BC, Mesopotamia was under the control of the Parthian Empire. Mesopotamia became a battleground between the Romans and Parthians, with western parts of Mesopotamia coming under ephemeral Roman control. In AD 226, eastern part of it fell to the Sassanid Persians. Division of Mesopotamia between Roman (Byzantine from AD 395) and Sassanid Empires lasted until the 7th century. Muslim conquest of Persia of the Sasanian Empire and Muslin conquest of the Levant from Byzantines. A number of primarily neo-Assyrian and Christian Native Mesopotamian states existed between the 1st century BC and 3rd century AD, includin Adiabene, Osroene and Hatra.

Mesopotamia is the site of the earliest developments of the Neolithic Revolution from around 10.000 BC. It has been identified as having "inspired some of the most important developments in human history including the invention of the wheel, the planting of the first cereal crops and the development of cursive script, mathematics, astronomy and agriculture. (Source: Wikipedia)

Like "Hansel and Gretel" I followed the breadcrumbs and felt the need to "google" spirit and ask the guides to shine their light on Marduk and Sept. the 23rd.

Dialogue with spirit 9/25/2017:
Spirit: "You have been reading up on on ancient knowledge that is also mentioned in the Bible and gained more understanding of what the book of Jeremiah was referring to."
Me: "Yes, about Marduk. He was a leader that achieved god status in Babylon and he was also asociated with the planet Jupiter."
Spirit: "This is correct. In the ancient days people used symbols that had many spiritual meanings. The "god status" has nothing to do with God (the source). However, leaders were referred to as gods to make a distinction between people and the elite. Marduk followed the signs in the sky (astrology) and this is why Jupiter is linked to Marduk. However, Marduk was filled with and fueled by ego."
Me: "Many people were saying that September the 23rd was doomsday, the rapture etc. What does spirit have to say about this?"
Spirit: "Everything is energy and everything responds accordingly to the frequency that is send out. Energy that radiates high frequencies raise the vibration. This is also true for the planet bodies like the Earth, and on a smaller scale happens to humans. In group settings (humans) this can either have negative or positive outcome. Nothing happens without reason. The earth is raising its consciousness and goes through cycles of her own. This particular event, Virgo with the lion and Virgo giving birth to Jupiter, has occurred before. When this happens the earth makes a leap in her evolution and so do the humans that are on her planet. This is known as the time of light, where love will flood the earth. It will help raise the consciousness, individually and globally, for the people of earth. Rapture means transformation and this doesn't mean the annihilation of human beings although some may perish and move on."
Me: "Where do these human souls go?"
Spirit: "To a dimension that is higher or lower in frequency. It all depends on the human and its consciousness and how much it still has to learn. Humanity is entering a special event where people will embrace love or not; this is all part of the duality in this universe. More people will "wake up" and form a new earth and the earth will be filled with people that have reached the fourth dimension of consciousness; meaning that they will operate from love instead of the ego. There will still be "evil", but it will be less dominant and eventually disappear when all the humans are awakened. Spirituality will become the norm, so to speak. People are not aware of this, but this evolution has happened before."
Me: "What are the cycles in human years?"
Spirit: "Tens of thousands of years before this state is reached. Just look at the history of mankind. It goes back much further than it is known and recorded. This is why studying ancient knowledge, mythology, and religions will open up the consciousness. Every thought has been thought of before and not one spiritual truth has been left untold; it simply needs to be remembered. Communicating through the consciousness (channeling) is one way of receiving spiritual knowledge and teachings. This is made possible because everything is connected through the same energy. The universe grows everyday and it inhabits many beings that humanity knows little off. There are a few beings that gained popularity through the new age movement like the Pleiades, Anunnaki, Angels, still there are many more. Most of these beings protect the earth and the humans on this planet. The soul that resides in the spiritual realm was born in different parts of the universe. They are evolved beyond form and this is why there are personalities (spirit) that experience life for the soul in a bodysuit. The soul itself could inhabit a body. however, it is much easier for the soul to operate in the way that it does. People have a tendency to put a label on who they are and when they do this they forget their essence; this is all ego. Every person has to find the "spiritual truths" for themselves and cannot be forced to do so. Many Bible stories come from the human consciousness and are not spiritual in nature; this is also caused by the ego. Read between the lines, because there is spiritual truth hidden in this book and it will reveal itself for the seeker. There is no shame in reading the Bible from a different point of view. Channeled messages also contain truths; it is up to the person what they want to do with this knowledge. All that spirit can do is provide knowledge according to the persons consciousness; the rest is up to you." 

So, to sum it all up. There is nothing to worry about; "doomsday" has happened before and is simply an energetic shift. Marduk became filled with the ego and this was interesting. Could he have walked this earth and achieve immortality by becoming a deity or was he a deity to begin with? The plot thickens and my search continues.