Monday, October 31, 2016

Spirits and Ghosts

An encounter with a ghost

I moved into a home which was occupied by a family for over 25 years. The husband passed away during their stay, leaving his wife behind. She was a sweet, elderly lady that wanted to move into a smaller apartment. Her house became available and I was fortunate enough to rent it. One night I awoke, was thirsty and decided to walk downstairs to grab a glass of water. As I walked by the window I saw white (energy) on the outside, looking in. I couldn't make out a shape but I felt and knew that this was the ghost of the man that used to live there. He never moved into the spiritual realm and stayed behind to be with his wife. The next day I asked for help to lead him into the light and I never saw him again.

This and other experiences happened over the years. Little did I know then how wondrous and amazing the spiritual realm and everything in it really was. Since then I have experienced a spiritual awakening and am blessed with a wonderful connection with my spirit guides and angels. A whole new world has opened up. This world can only be found when we go within through meditation. My spiritual journey is different from others, some don't believe, hear or see what I do and experience, which is alright. After all, we are all different and so are our views and beliefs. What I share is how I experience the spiritual realm.

The difference between a spirit and a ghost

Heaven is a part of the Universe. It is the transition place where spirits go when they leave the earth. The spirit will be able to see all of the experiences it had while it was alive in the body. All of this information will be collected and will merge with the soul. It will then be part of the soul's imprint which can be found in the Akashic records. Some mediums are able to access these records and tell you about your past lives. The seat of the soul, which resides in the crown, is the life force of the spirit on earth. The body is where both come together. 

The body, Spirit and the soul all have their own consciousness. A spirit can live on earth when it doesn't have a connection with the soul at the moment the body dies. It's thought patterns are only focused on earthly matters and it won't realize that there is an afterlife. The spirit will remain unaware and stay on the earth. This is why some people see ghosts. They are only visible when you are tuned to the right frequency. These ghosts are actually spirits.

These Spirits will continue to live the life they left behind. 
Spirits can show emotions just like they did when they were alive in the body. If the life was traumatic than this will continue to be experienced as such. Hollywood has made many movies that can make you shake in your boots where ghosts are concerned. Hunting people, feeding off the energy that humans give out. This can happen but is rare. All this really is, is energy manifested into sounds, moving objects and so on. They are signs to get our attention for whatever reason that may be. And we can protect ourselves from this. These spirits are stuck in a continues cycle until it's interrupted. 

Helping a ghost into the light

Some ghosts become aware that they are stuck, but most of them need help to see the light. By the light, I mean the consciousness of the Universe, also known as God, energy or love. Most of the time it is easy to bring a spirit into the light. All you have to do is point them towards the direction of where the light is coming from. The light will show up so they can step into this energy. Other times it is harder. It all depends on why the spirit is on earth and if there is any unfinished business they need to take care off. Keep in mind that only the ones that have the gift of communicating with the spiritual realm are able to help these spirits along on their journey. This communication can be in any way, shape or form. 

Then there are the ones that choose to stay on earth. They do see the light but they want to stay with their loved ones. They don't want to move on in their spiritual journey because they feel the need to make sure that their loved ones are going to be alright. They don't realize that they can do this from within the Universe. All they have to do is bring their attention to their loved one and they will see what is going on. You could say that they are not educated about the possibilities within the Universe. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Set yourself free

Keeping yourself  from the world

Depending on where you live and who are around you at all times, being balanced as a spiritual being in a human body can be a challenging experience in your everyday life. It can keep you from reaching your potential as the unique individual that you are. Yes, you are a gift to this world! You were born with a purpose that was already planned before you became a human on this wonderful earth of ours. It is the ego and free will that can prevent you from ever reaching your goal. You do have this choice to stay where you are or to evolve beyond your imagination. There really is no middle ground here, you either do it or you don't.

We all live on a different level of awareness. Some people are not spiritual at all and only focus on earthly matters. Others claim that their religious and / or spiritual views are the right one and that yours is wrong. Some are aware that there is more between heaven and earth.  All these different levels have their own role to play in the big picture we call life. You will be attracted to be around the ones that align with the vibration you put out. Whatever you focus on most will come to you, this includes people, situations, and things. The people you meet during any phase in your life are there to show you the lessons you need to learn in order to move on to the next level of awareness. The ones that cannot see beyond these lessons often find themselves stuck. They are swimming against the current instead of going with the flow.

There are so many reasons to keep yourself cooped up in your being and never show the world who you really are. The fear of being persecuted for your thoughts and feelings may be one of them that is holding you back. Being spiritual or not, most people don't reach their soul's purpose and mission in life. They are overwhelmed with every day "stuff" and remain unaware that there are different ways to experience life and all the beauty it has to give. Change your perspective and your experience will change.
Days may turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and before you know it you are at the end of your life. The only way to find your authentic self is to become your authentic self. I knew that if I wanted to move along in my spiritual journey, I would have to find a way to voice myself. And so, this blog was born.