Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Soul connection and the ego fantasy

Throughout our life we will have many encounters with soul mates. These can be friends, relatives and lovers we had in our previous lives. You can only imagine that the older your soul is the more your chances increase to encounter an old love. This can turn your world upside down and create much heart ache when this love is unanswered. This deep connection can open up a flood of feelings and they are not always experienced as pleasant. Learning how to channel these loving feelings and to understand what they mean can make a huge difference in how you approach soul mates. After all, love is love. 

The first time a connection with an old love happened I found myself completely off track. I had many wonderful dreams which I created and found myself daydreaming about what might be. I was floating somewhere on a pink cloud hoping that my feelings would be answered in the most romantic way. When I finally decided to take the jump and confessed my feelings to my soulmate I left with a broken heart and found myself dealing with grief. I was fooled by the ego fantasy which caused me not to see through the illusions. 

I realized that our ego fantasy will try to fill a place in our heart which seems to be empty because of some sort of lack, a need that is missing in our current situation and/or relationship. This void is different for all of us and depends on our situation. The ego fantasy has a purpose of its own and uses desires to bring attention to what is hidden from view. It can steer a person away from their spiritual journey as a distraction, which is an entire topic of its own. We are conditioned by our immediate surroundings from the moment we are born. That what was not there when we were younger will be brought to the surface as we mature in our spiritual journey. What you fantasize about has nothing to do with the fantasy itself and when you step back to look at the illusion for what it is it will show you what is really going on. It is only then when this void you were feeling can be replaced by unconditional love. We go through these experiences to make us whole as the soul we are within the body. Ego, fantasies, desires and so on can be used as tools that will help us reach a deeper consciousness within our being by understanding these emotions for what they are and to let it go. By letting go of any fantasy attachments we won’t be controlled by illusions.

When we meet someone and feel a soul connection, which can feel very intense, we can fall in love. However, are we really in love with the soul when our ego takes over or are we just dealing with a crush? How can you tell the difference? Remember, you are not your body; you are a soul within a body. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t enjoy our sexuality and have intimate contact in our relationship. After all, we came to earth to experience life in all of its facets and to learn from this. True love, however, is felt on a soul level. In essence, it is the love we feel for the soul and not the body. When people are consumed by what is going on in their life they are unable to look within. Therefore, any relationships that occur in this moment are not founded on love but more so in lust, money, control, power, sex, status, intelligence and so on. When you take these kinds of desires away you are left with the soul. This is how you know if you are dealing with love or just a crush.
Humanity in general seemed to have lost this ability by not having a good connection with the source which makes it hard to find someone who is a suitable partner. 
When two people come together because of the love they have for the soul a deep connection is made. The term “twin flame” comes close to describe this experience. However, two souls joining as one is not the same as the “twin flame” but rather a unity between like-minded souls joining as one. The energy between the two will flow like the waves in an ocean.

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