Sunday, April 30, 2017

Haters will hate, lovers will love

When we follow our intuitions and listen to guidance, new doors are opened and we increase our awareness, this is how spirit works. On the spiritual journey you’ll receive synchronicity’s, messages from spirit, that often times suggests that you should “Step out of your comfort zone” (spiritual closet). I stayed in my closet for quite some time before I had the courage to step out into the world and share my thoughts, feelings and insights. I found a way to express myself through the articles that I write on this blog. These articles are moments in my journey where spirit wants me to pay attention to so that I can learn and increase my understanding on spiritual topics. It may be different for you, some like to paint, write music, take pictures, walk in nature, write poetry, and the list goes on and on. Whatever feels right for you, go for it! What I didn’t fully realize was that I would also attract people that don’t appreciate what I have to say. Some can be very cruel and blunt in expressing their feelings. Even though their emotions have nothing to do with me, it can still influence the positive vibe. When this happened to me I realized that I was validating their opinions more than my own. Thoughts went through my mind such as: Maybe they are right? What if I a “crazy”? What I am writing about is nonsense, and so on, and so on. I consciously told these thoughts to go away as I realized that the ego (unconscious mind) likes to keep things the way they were. The insecurities and negative thoughts were simply a result of a conditioned mind that started to crumble the moment I became spiritually awake and now it was hanging on for dear life as I was creating a new reality. In spirituality, right or wrong does not exist. “Truth” is whatever resonates with your personal views. When you connect with like-minded souls you will find much support that will help you develop your spiritual gifts. In other communities you are likely to be ridiculed and judged for your beliefs; however, I have also encountered this behavior in spiritual groups. It is simply a part of life, not just online but also in our everyday life. Bullies, negative “Nelly’s” are everywhere around us and when you feel that sharing your opinions aren’t going to be received well, keep them to yourself. This way you won't be feeding their energy. The behavior of others shouldn’t hold you back on sharing what resonates and feels right to you, but you can choose who you share it with. Haters will hate and lovers will love.

When it comes to spirituality and all of the topics around this subject, you either believe it or you don’t. After all, it is a personal journey based on experiences. There are many explanation and often times it is a creative blend of our interpretations, science, ancient texts, religion, and so on, that offer an answer to the questions that we have. These theories create insights to our personal experiences such as: intuitions, visions, divine interventions, ghost sightings, and so on. Spirituality is an inner-knowing and it’s the unconscious mind (ego) that seeks evidence of its existence. The illusion of self (Maya) will fall away when we surrender to our inner-knowing. There are a number of topics that always come up when I’m channeling the guides: Awareness (consciousness, understanding, knowledge), how important it is to connect with the higher-self (authentic-self, intuition, inner-knowing), and energy (positive/negative, dark/light). I guess you could say that these three topics are fundamental in understanding who we are as a spirit within a body suit. So, why is it that when we choose to be “the light” we also attract “the dark”?  We live in a world of duality: good/evil, positive/negative, light/dark, it’s all around us. Even when we focus on positive energy we can still encounter the negative. Energy affects our overall being and how we react to the people around us. When our energy levels are low we can attract people, beings, and entities that don’t mean well. We can find ourselves under “attack”, also known as a psychic/spiritual attack, and this can be very subtle.  

 What is a spiritual/psychic attack?
Common negativity – Negative comments and thoughts. All kinds of thoughts create energy. It is the energy which affects us more than the content of the message. These attacks are not directed to any person, yet we can be exposed to them. They have a tendency to creep into our spiritual minds and can drain us from life energy. The energy of our spirit is capable of nullifying the effects of negative comments. Block negative people and their energy. If you are online and encounter these types of people don’t read their comments, ignore them, and block them. When you are around them at work / social life / family gatherings, keep your distance and let them be. Do anything you can to preserve your energy. The moment you engage in any conversation that is negative in nature you can find yourself sucked in and feeling drained.
Directed negative energy – These attacks are directed specifically at you and designed to cause damage to your spirit creating anger, sadness and misery. The intention behind these attacks are, often times, based in jealousy and anger. It can manifest itself in the physical and mental self as depression, withdrawal, headache, upset stomach. A strong and healthy spiritual energy is the best defense against any type of attack. Distance yourself from situations that are harmful and place a “protection” shield.
The energy of evil – Evil entities and beings can also attack us, but they can only do so when our energy level is low. They will lose their interest in us when we raise our vibration and focus on the light (positive energy). These entities seek to consume the entire field of the aura and replace it with a mirror image of itself.

Most of us will only deal with the negativity from the people around us. So, be aware, raise your vibration, and block anyone that does not mean well. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

There are no coincidences

In numerology, the number three has a significant meaning when it comes to our being. The number three calls on humans to remember that we carry divinity within. Three’s symbolism is the exuberance of life; the spiritual being having a human experience. It also stands for: Life path, personality, destiny & expression, heart’s desire & soul’s calling, compatibility, and career path.

There are many patterns that come in three’s. The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras made the observation that each human being is composed of three principles aspects: the physical (our body), the mental (mind or psyche), and the spiritual (the soul). Many adapted this concept and found their own way of wording Pythagoras observation. Here are a few examples:
Sigmund Freud: ID – Ego – Super-ego
Carl Jung: Subconscious – conscious – super-conscious.
This realization of the three aspects that make our being is also found long before Pythagoras made his.

Among many traditional tribal groups exists a clear understanding that humans have three distinct souls.
The Lakota Sioux: a physical soul (Woniya) – A cognitive soul (Nagi) – A divine spiritual soul (Nagila).
The Innuit (Eskimo): a breath soul that we receive at birth (Anerneq) – a name soul that is given to us after birth (Ateq) – and an immortal, spiritual soul (Tarneq) that is the true essence of who and what we are.
Practitioners of Voodoo (Caribbean): the grow bon ange – the ti bon ange – the z’etoile.

Our ancestors were concerned with the nature of the soul because of initiation. You have to know who you are in order to experience an authentic initiation like a shamanic initiation. Authentic spiritual wisdom is a fluid process that shifts and changes as it moves across time. It is not a set of rules or scriptures that is fixed and immutable. That beings said, we do find much knowledge and wisdom in the ancient texts which we can use in our spiritual journey. Yet, if we truly want to know our authentic self it is important to look at our overall being and where we came from: The source (God, light, energy) – Higher-self (soul) – Spirit (human being).

When our spirit takes its residence within the body it will inherit the genetic patterns of the parents. The same is true at the spiritual-energetic level. The energy of the mother and that of the father merge and produce a new energetic mosaic that carries the ancestral imprints derived from both family lineages. There are also idiosyncrasies derived from our own personal ancestors, our past selves in former lifetimes as soul memories recorded within the seed essence derived from our higher-self. The merging of these three ancestral lineages: personal, maternal, and paternal, creates a unique form to our personality for each lifetime.

The root chakra carries all the qualities of survival from our ancestors. These are the spiritual qualities which we can draw on when facing difficult circumstances. The knowledge and energy of our ancestors, which is also called the ancestral blueprint, are held within this chakra and unlocked when we experience a spiritual awakening. Our entire being is created for the purpose of gathering life experiences, lessons, and so on, for the higher-self. We can figure out what our purpose is in many ways: numerology, astrology, tarot, channeling, to name a few. Our soul has planned our day and time of birth so that we can fulfill its purpose. Nothing is coincidental, we may steer of coarse but we are always led back.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Reincarnation and the 31 realms of existence

The difference between dimensions, realms & Universes
A dimension is a level of consciousness and within a dimension you have realms. A realm is a level of consciousness in which an individual lives, so you can have an infinite number of realms within a dimension. Within these dimension there is a light and sound spectrum and each has its own frequency. A universe is a collective of dimensions and a collective of universes is the totality of existence, physical and non-physical.

Density & frequency
Within these realms are beings, humans are one of those. Spirituality often mentions words such as density and frequency. I use these words myself when I am explaining something. But, what do they mean? Density, our body for example, is the degree of compactness of a substance.  In terms of spirituality density is energy. The lower your frequency, the denser (thicker) your energy will be. You could also explain this as negative energy. Frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second. We can raise our vibration by what we eat, drink, listen to, the colors we wear, and so on. 

When we understand the basic spiritual lingo, which is used in many articles and memes that we see on the internet, we raise our consciousness (awareness) and open up to receive knowledge from spirit. Many of you channel and some may not even realize that this is what they are doing and simply call it intuition. Much of the information received from spirit is universal, meaning that you are not the only one who has received this type of information directly from spirit. Spirit calls this “general information”.  To receive more specific information we have to increase our awareness and we can do this by increasing our knowledge. When you do this, our spirit guides, angels, and other beings can communicate through us in more specific ways. So, the more you know, the more you can understand. This doesn’t mean that what we receive is the absolute truth; however, it is the truth according to our level of awareness. It is this level of awareness within us that also attracts certain beings that reside in the spiritual realm. When you send out love and light (positive energy) while channeling, you will attract beings with the same qualities. When you send out a negative energy while channeling, you will attract beings that can be harmful to you. This is also true when it comes to our everyday life. Always ground and protect yourself and make your intentions clear before you channel.

I’ve written about the dimensions within the spiritual realms, which offers one explanation viewed through our 3D consciousness. There are other explanations about the structure and the beings of our cosmos. One of these explanations we can find in Buddhism. I find this information interesting because it creates understanding about reincarnation.

Mount Meru
Scattered throughout the Buddhist scriptures (Suttas) are references to thirty one distinct “planes” or “realms” of existence into which beings can be reborn during their wandering through samsara. Samsara is the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound. The existence in every realm is temporary. These realms range from grim and painful hell realms all the way up to the most refined and blissful heaven realms. In Buddhist cosmology there is no eternal heaven or hell. Beings are born into a particular realm according to their past karma. According to Buddhist cosmology these 31 realms are all clustered in layers around Mount Meru, which is a sacred mountain with five peaks. Mount Meru is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.
The realms of existence are customarily divided into three distinct “worlds” (Loka):

The immaterial world (Arupa-loka). The formless realms. The inhabitants of these realms are possessed entirely of mind and have no physical body or location. These beings do not interact with the rest of the universe and are unable to hear Buddha’s teachings. They achieve this by attaining the formless levels in a previous life, and now enjoy the fruits of the good karma of that accomplishment for a period before rebirth in a lower plane again.
This world consists of four sub-realms:
(31) Sphere of neither perception nor non-perception. The beings in this plane only have mind and no physical body.
(30) Sphere of Nothingness. Rebirth in this plane is a result of attaining the third formless in a previous life. This is considered a form of perception, though a very subtle one.
(29) Sphere of Infinite consciousness. Rebirth in this plane is a result of attaining the second formless. In this sphere formless beings dwell meditating on their consciousness as infinitely pervasive.
(28) Sphere of Infinite space. Rebirth in this plane is a result of attaining the first formless.

The Fine-material world (Rupa-loka). This is the world of form. The beings of this realm are said to have very subtle forms that would be invisible to most other beings, but they are forms nonetheless. There are five primary realms within the Rupa-loka, but also a number of sub-realms. All together they account for 16 of the 31 realms. The five primary realms are: Suddhavasa, Brhatphala, Subhakrtsna, Abhasvara, and Brahma. Certain devas (divine beings with godlike characteristics) correspond with these realms.

Suddhavasa – Pure abodes. The Pure abodes are distinct from the other realms of the rupa-loka in that they do not house beings that were born there through ordinary merit or meditative attainments. The births in these five sub-realms are a result of attaining the fruit of non-returning, the third level of enlightenment. These pure abodes are accessible only to those who have destroyed the lower five fetters, consisting of self-view, skeptical doubt, clinging to rites and ceremonies, sense desires, and ill-will. They will destroy their remaining fetters of craving for fine material existence, craving for immaterial existence, conceit, restlessness and ignorance during their existence in the Pure Abodes. Those who take rebirth here are called “non-returners” because they don’t return from that world, but attain final Nirvana there without coming back. They guard and protect Buddhism on earth and will pass into enlightenment when they pass away from the Suddhavasa worlds. Among its inhabitants is Brahma who begs the Buddha to teach Dharma to the world.

(27) Peerless devas. Realm of devas “un-equal in rank”. The highest of all the Rupa-loki realms, it is often used to refer to the highest extreme of the universe. The current Sakra (ruler of Heaven) will eventually be born here.
(26) Clear-sighted devas. The “clear-seeing” devas live in a realm similar to and friendly with the realm of devas “un-equal in rank”.  
(25) Beautiful devas. The realm of the “beautiful” devas is said to be the place of rebirth for five kinds of Buddhist religious practitioners (anagamins) who died just short of attaining the state of Arhat, which is the end of the spiritual path.
(24) Untroubled devas. The realm of the “untroubled” devas, for whose company those of lower realms long.
(23) Devas not falling away. The realm of the “not falling” devas, perhaps the most common destination for Buddhist religious practitioners. Many achieve the end of the spiritual path directly in this world, but some pass away and are reborn in sequentially higher realms of the pure abodes until they are at last reborn in the realm of devas “equal in rank”. 

Brhatphala realms. These two realms are a result of attaining the fourth jhana. Jhana is a series of cultivated states of mind, which leads to the “state” of perfect equanimity and awareness. The beings here remain in the tranquil state attained in the 4th Jhana.
(22) Unconscious beings. It is the realm of mindless beings that only have bodies without consciousness. Rebirth into this plane results from a meditative practice aimed at the suppression of consciousness. Those who take up this practice assume release from suffering can be achieved by attaining unconsciousness. However, when the life span in this realm ends, the beings pass away and are born in other planes where consciousness returns.
(21) Very fruitful devas. The Buddha said that the fruitful devas, monks, have a life-span of 500 eons. A run-of-the-mill person having stayed there, having used up all the life-span of those devas, goes to hell, to the animal womb, to the state of the hungry shades.

Subhakrtsna realm. These three realms are a result of attaining the third Jhana. The mental state of the devas of these realms correspond to the third jhana, and is characterized by a quiet joy. These devas have bodies that radiate a steady light.
(20) Devas of refulgent glory.
(19) Devas of unbounded glory. The realm of devas of “limitless beauty”.
(18) Devas of limited glory. The realm of devas of “limitless beauty”.

Abhasvara realm. These three realms are a result of attaining the second jhana. The metal state of the devas of this realm is characterized by delight as well as joy.
(17) Devas of streaming radiance
(16) Devas of unbounded radiance
(15) Devas of limited radiance

Brahma realm. The mental state of the devas of the Brahma realms corresponds to the first jhana. Like all beings, the brahma, are still tied to the cycle of rebirth, though sometimes they forget this and imagine that they are immortal. One way to rebirth in the brahma realm is mastery over the first jhana. Another is through meditations on loving kindness, compassion, altruistic joy, and equanimity. When the release of the mind in equanimity is developed none of the measured actions remain. This is the method to be born with Brahma.
(14) Great Brahmas. One of this realm’s most famous inhabitants is the great Brahma, a deity whose delusion leads him to regard himself as the all-powerful, all-seeing creator of the Universe. A great Brahma is a being from the Abhasvara realms who falls into a lower realm through exhaustion of his merits and is reborn alone in the Brahma realm; forgetting his former existence. He imagines himself to have come into existence without cause.
(13) Ministers of Brahma. The “ministers of Brahma” are beings, also originally from the Abhasvara realms that are born as companions to the great Brahma after he has spent some time alone. Since they arise after his thought of a desire for companions, he believes himself to be their creator. The ministers believe him to be their creator and lord.
(12) Retinue of Brahma. The “councilors of Brahma” or the devas belonging to the assembly of Brahma. 

The sensuous world (Kama-loka). This is “our” world, the world of desire, or samsara, or karma. When Buddhists talk about the six realms, they are talking about Kama-loka (Kamadhatu). This is the world represented on the wheel of life. Born into these realms takes place as a result of giving and moral discipline, it is the lowest of the three worlds. The driving force within this realm is sensual desire. These devas enjoy aesthetic pleasure, long life, beauty, and certain powers. These realms are not reserved only for good Buddhists. Anyone who has led a wholesome life can be born in them. People who believe in an “eternal heaven” may carry their belief to the deva plane and take the long life span there to be an eternal existence. Only those who have known the Dhamma will realize that as these realms are impermanent someday these sentient beings will fall away from them and be reborn elsewhere. The devas can help people by inclining their minds to wholesome acts, and people can help the devas by inviting them to rejoice in their meritorious deeds.

Higher Kama-loka. These devas live in four heavens that float in the air, leaving them free from contact with the strife of the lower world.
(11) Devas wielding power over the creation of others. These devas enjoy sensual pleasure created by others for them. These devas do not create pleasing forms that they desire themselves, but their desires are fulfilled by the acts of other devas who wish for their favor. Mara, the personification of delusion and desire, lives here.
(10) Devas delighting in creation. These devas delight in the sense objects of their own creation. They are capable of changing appearance to please themselves. The lord of this realm is Sunirmita (the heaven of pleasant transformation).
(09) Contented devas. This is the home of the contented gods, among them is the future Maitreya which is the teacher of the world. Hindu’s call him Krishna. Before his birth as Siddhartha, this is the realm where he dwells with other Bodhisattvas. In Buddhism, Bodhisattva is the Sanskrit term for anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated Bodhicitta, which is a spontaneous wish and a compassionate mind to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings.
(08) Yama devas. These devas live in the air, free of all difficulties.

Lower Kama-Loka. The lower devas of the kama-loka live on different parts of the mountain at the center of the world, sumeru. They are even more passionate than the higher devas, and do not simply enjoy themselves but also engage in strife and fighting.
(7) Thirty-three Gods. Beings that live on the peak of Sumeru are like the Olympian gods. Their ruler is Sakka or Sakra, a devotee of the Buddha, who rules by righteousness, patience towards aggressors, and compassionate treatment of wrongdoers. Sakka and the devas honor sages and holy men. He earned his place as ruler of the devas by fulfilling seven vows which embody the standards of the virtuous householder while he was still a human beings. The Buddha holds up Sakka’s patience and forgiveness as a model for the Bhikkhus (an ordained male monk). Many devas dwelling here live in mansions in the air. Besides the 33 Gods, many other devas and supernatural beings dwell here, including the attendants of the devas and many nymphs.
(6) Four great kings. The realm of the four great kings includes the martial kings who guard the four quarters of the Earth. The devas who guide the sun and the moon are also part of this world. This real is home to the four types of earthly demigod or nature-spirits. These nature-spirits inhabit remote areas such as forests, hills, and abandoned caves. Through living in misery they have the potential for awakening and can attain the path and fruits of the spiritual life.  
(5) Human beings. A birth in this realm results from giving and moral discipline of middling quality. This is the realm of moral choice where destiny can be guided. This realm is a unique balance of pleasure and pain. It facilitates the development of virtue and wisdom to liberate oneself from the entire cycle or rebirths. For this reason rebirth as a human being is considered precious. Killing others lead to short life if one becomes reborn in the human realm instead of the four lower states of deprivation. By abandoning the very acts of killing and harming, one gets to be reborn in a heavenly realm. Alternatively, one gets to be reborn in the human realm being endowed with long life. The injuring of other beings can lead to rebirth in the states of deprivation. Alternatively, the person comes back in the human realm as someone very sickly. The non-injuring of others leads to rebirth in good destinations, alternatively, one comes back to the human realm enjoying good health.

States of deprivation (Apaya). Rebirth into these realms results from unwholesome conduct. Beings reborn here have no moral sense and generally cannot create good Karma. However, when the unwholesome Karma that brought them to these realms is exhausted, some store good Karma can bring them rebirth in some other plane. Only stream-enterers and other ariyans (a member of the ancient Aryan people) can be sure that they will never again be born in these realms of misery.
(04) Asuras. The demons (titans) that dwell here are engaged in relentless conflict with each other.
(03) Hungry shades / ghosts. Ghosts and unhappy spirits wander hopelessly about this realm, searching in vain for sensual fulfillment.
(02) Animals. This realm includes all the non-human forms of life that are visible to us under ordinary circumstances (animals, insects, fish, birds, worms, etc.).
(01) Hell. This is not to be confused with the eternal hell found in other religious traditions. One’s time here, as in every realm, is temporary.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Why the ego is a good thing to have

In Latin, the term “ego” simply means “I”. It is in fact a term which was made popular by Sigmund Freud who did not give it a negative connotation. He referred to it as what it is – a sense of I. The ego has an important role to play in our lives and has its own unique function in our experiences as a spiritual being. The ego helps us to sort through experiences, ideas, sensations, and feelings. I read many comments, memes, and other posts where people seem to think that the ego is a “bad” thing to have. I believe that there are many misconceptions about our ego and when we use the ego in a correct way it will become another “tool” to help us in our spiritual journey. However, the ego has many disguises and we are not always aware of how it can hold us back in our spiritual development. People that are spiritually awake / aware can still fall prey to the ego’s illusions. One example of this is the spiritual ego.

The sense of “I” (me) is the basis of any consciousness. When we define the ego, either we equate it with the general sense of me or we call it a more evolved sense of me that has the ability for self-reflection. This is what is commonly called the observer or thinker. The difference between the thinker and the observer is not their essence but their function. The “observer” is a term used to point to the “me” that is capable of self-reflection but remains totally identified with the mind. Without a sense of “me” we could not evolve spiritually or realize our true nature. The purpose of awakening is not to annihilate our human identity, or to dissolve our ego, but to integrate our human consciousness with our higher-self, so that we can experience our “me” from the soul’s perspective. The “me” is the window for the soul into creation. The purpose of the ego is to evolve and at one point to surrender to the soul. It was created to assure our physical and psychological survival and to serve our soul and its actualization. When our thinking is subconscious, our ego is subconscious. When our thinking is conscious, our ego is conscious. The first level of conscious thinking is to become the observer. The observer has the ability for self-reflection and can be conscious of the fact that it is thinking. In short: Ego – subconscious ego – the observer and the conscious ego. This is the direction in which the ego evolves towards higher dimensions of itself and the soul. Arriving at the state of conscious ego is as far as the ego can go in terms of evolving within its own dimension. That which is usually called awareness is nothing but the conscious ego in itself without content. It allows you to master the thinking processes, but one still remains locked in a particular reality that is disconnected from the light of the soul. In this case, the ego is free from the mind but imprisoned in itself.

The ego requires the opening of the space that is beyond the ego. In traditional terms this is called the “I am”. You could say that the “I am” is the higher-self, our higher consciousness. It is the portal to the universal consciousness through which we transcend the dimension of presence. When we meet the "I am" as our higher self we experience a sense of self on two levels simultaneously as “me (the ego)” and as I am (the higher self). A very common experience among those who experienced a spiritual awakening is that they are moving back and forth between the “me” and the “I am”. For this issue to be dissolved, the "me" (ego) has to consciously surrender to the "I am", so that they can be unified. The ego needs to be embraced as the positive aspect of our identity without it we can’t actualize the purpose of our creation. For the ego to become conscious it needs to be purified, healed, and transformed through surrender into our soul. Awakening a constructive, intelligent and affectionate perception of our ego is the first step on the spiritual path and the first real step into self-love.

The spiritual ego desires and obtains high-state experiences, gurus, deep connections, longing for a soulmate, the need to belong in a spiritual classification such as an old soul or star seed, and so on. I’m not saying that this is right or wrong, but when you are attached to a title, desire, experience, you are putting yourself in a treasure chest waiting to be discovered. Of course we use words, language, and terms to express what we are feeling and are going through. To stay authentic it is important to fully understand the meaning of what we are actually saying. Some may believe that by awakening you naturally reach the correct understanding and this is simply not true. Awakening without understanding is incomplete. Embrace the ego and surrender it to the higher self as you grow in your spiritual journey. After all it is just a tool and if used as such without any attachments, life truly becomes magical where possibilities are unlimited.  

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spiritual magnetism

Magnetic field of the Milky Way galaxy
Cosmic magnetism – Magnetism is everywhere in the cosmos: the planets, stars, gaseous nebulae, entire galaxies, and the overall universe are all magnetic. The Earth’s core is a giant bar magnet, with north and south poles. Our entire Milky Way galaxy is also a magnet. Just like for the Earth, the Milky Way’s magnetism is produced by electrical currents. The Earth has a molten core to carry these currents. The galaxy’s magnetism is powered by uncounted numbers of electrons, slowly drifting in formation through space.

The Milky Way’s magnetism is unimaginably weak, around a million times weaker than the earth’s. Instead of having a single north and south pole, there is seemingly a separate magnet in each spiral arm of our galaxy’s glowing pinwheel. Different galactic neighborhoods have their own local definitions of north and south.
Magnetism is vital for stars, like our sun, to form The Earth’s magnetism which protects our atmosphere from harmful radiation. Cosmic magnets generate energetic high-speed particles which, on arrival at Earth, can cause random genetic mutations and hence drive evolution.

Magnetism is invisible. When you point a powerful telescope at a cosmic magnet, you won’t see it. Relying on the fact that background light is subtly changed as it passes through magnetic regions of foreground gas, magnetism becomes visible. This image above, taken by the Planck satellite, shows the magnetic field of the Milky Way galaxy. The darker regions correspond to stronger polarized emission, and the striations indicate the direction of the magnetic field projected on the plane of the sky.

Birds navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field during their migrations. This ability is called magneto-reception. It is a “sixth sense” that allows them to see the unseen. Even humans have some sensitivity to magnets. Dreams are more likely to be mundane, rather than bizarre, when the Earth’s magnetism is going through a period of high activity.

Bioelectromagnetics (bioelectromagnetism) - is the study of the interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological entities. Areas of study include electrical or electromagnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues, or organisms, including bio-luminescent bacteria. For example; the cell membrane potential and the electric currents that flow in nerves and muscles, as a result of action potentials. The term can also refer to the ability of living cells, tissues, and organisms to produce electrical fields and the response of cells to electromagnetic fields. This is interesting when it comes to spiritual magnetism.

Spiritual magnetism – Another way to explain spiritual magnetism would be spiritual energy. We can affect others with our energy (magnetism). They in return can affect us. I’ve been in situations where I entered a room and my first instinct was to turn around and leave, because the energy felt so dense and negative. The guides kept telling me that I should protect myself from the negative vibrations around me, by visualizing God’s light (white energy) all around my spirit body. When I did this, my energy increased and stayed that way. This fueled my enthusiasm and I started placing protection shields around my loved ones, the house, the car, and anything else I could think off. One day, a few people came by who were very negative in their behavior. They wanted to come inside the house, but stopped at the door and hesitated. To my surprise they were not able to walk through the opened door. The protection shield is a magnetic shield that wards off anyone that doesn’t mean well, and it works.

When you surround yourself with good company, we can consciously tune in to their vibrations and draw from their energy. It is important to give love and appreciation in return. When you close the energy circuit, you will help bring about a mutual increase of magnetism. When you don’t give love and appreciation in return, you drain their energy without increasing your own. Your energy increases only if you raise your vibrations, never when you lower them.

You will grow faster, spiritually, if you try to serve others. However, don’t serve them beyond a realistic appraisal of your own magnetic strength, because this can drain your energy.

Ways to protect yourself from negative magnetism (energy)
Good company – mix more with spiritually minded people. This will increase the magnetism of everyone involved. This is also known as the law of frequency or vibration.
Meditate – If you know that you are going to be exposed to dark, heavy, vibrations, take the time to meditate beforehand. Then harmonize the vibrations of your heart and consciously emanate peaceful vibrations outward from your heart center to your environment. Human energy has two ways of expressing itself. One of them is giving; the other is receiving (absorbing). If you can consciously give, you will find yourself less affected by outside influences.
Withdraw your energy – Try not to look into the eyes of, or shake hands with, people whose vibrations are negative. When you make eye contact or touch someone, magnetism is exchanged between people.

Block their energy – If you feel yourself under psychic attack from anyone, use your thumb to place a cross of blue light mentally on the attacker. When you do this with sufficient will power, harmful energy will be unable to reach you and returned to its sender. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

You create your own reality

I was only a week into my spiritual journey when I started to see many synchronicity's,
especially, numbers. These numbers were given during meditations by my guides and the angels. Also, I started to see them all around me. I was in the grocery store and my total amount was 49.49. I strongly felt that this was a sign. When I returned home, I turned my laptop on and logged into an account that I have on a spiritual site. The first post I read was about angel numbers. It led me to a blog that was all dedicated to the angels and the numbers they give us. I scrolled to the number that was given to me and the message read, that the angels were telling me that it was time to let go of a situation that had run its course. They were reminding me that as one door closes, another one opens. I was asked to stop staring at the closed door and to look forward to what was behind the open door. Also, the angels were helping to open new doors, and assisting in healing any pain or sorrow that accompanied the transition that I was going through. I was amazed by this word of knowledge because it resonated with what had happened earlier that year. My husband was diagnosed with cancer, went through chemo and radiation treatment, and was healed. This was the door that had closed. My spiritual awakening was the door that had opened. I was transitioning from focusing on my husband’s healing to also focusing on my own. I found it remarkable how angel numbers could show what was going on in my life.

Synchronicity's show us that we are aligning with our soul’s purpose. They are a sign of comfort. Angel numbers were not the only signs I received. Promptings while browsing the internet that led to certain pages which had answers to my questions. New ideas came to mind, dreams, and spirit animals showed up; feathers in odd places, and questions were answered during meditations. 

One of the messages that kept showing up was you create your own reality. All I could think about was how am I supposed to create a reality that is aligned with my soul? I had never given it much thought, because I was just going along for the ride. I guess you could say that I was living life for others and not myself, and I had been doing this for almost forty years. It was normal for me and it was my reality. Acknowledging that I was responsible for everything that was created in my life, was a hard pill to swallow. When you go through life unaware of the soul that you are, life seems to be hard and filled with suffering. Especially, when the people around you do things that are harmful to you and others. This is all part of karma (the karmic wheel), cause and effect. When painful moments in life are brought to the surface and into the light, awareness fills its place. This is an opportunity where we can change the way we perceive that moment in time and change our reality. Spirituality is all about awareness, what we create with this knowing is up to us. So, be conscious and think about what it is that truly serves you.

Karmic wheel - Cause and effect

Reality in Buddhism is called Dharma (Sanskrit) or Dhamma (Pali). It refers to the system of natural laws, which constitute the natural order of things. Dharma is reality as-it-is.
The teachings of Buddha gives a method for people to come out of their condition of suffering (Dukkha) and it involves developing an awareness of reality (mindfulness). The teachings seek to understand the differences between a person’s view of what their reality is and the actual state of things. This is called Samma ditthi, developing right or correct view. According to the teachings it is essential to our well-being and our mental health. 

What are the natural laws?
The Natural laws are also known as the universal spiritual laws. The laws are divided into four categories.

The basic laws of life:
The law of attraction, the law of attachment, the law of request, the law of projection, the law of resistance, and the law of reflection.
The laws of creation:
The law of attention, the law of flow, the law of abundance, the law of clarity, the law of intention, the law of prosperity, the law of manifestation, the law of success.
The laws of higher awareness:
The law of balance and polarity, the law of karma, the law of reincarnation, the law of responsibility, the law of discrimination, the law of affirmation, the law of prayer, the law of meditation, the law of challenge.
The laws of higher frequency:
The law of frequency or vibration, the law of miracles, the law of healing, the law of purification, the law of perspective, the law of gratitude, the law of blessings, the law of decree, the law of faith, the law of grace, and the law of one.

Create consciously – When thoughts come to mind that are simply not true, we can bring them into awareness and change them. Thoughts are powerful and what we tell ourselves becomes our reality. Buddha said: “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build up our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.”
Authentic power – When we understand why “life” happened the way it did, it moves us out of the “victim” role into our authentic power. Our experiences are mirrors meant to look at without judgement so we can learn from it.

By understanding the universal spiritual laws we create insight (Samma ditthi) and can therefore create our own reality, with our thoughts, actions and beliefs. After all, your personal truths are your beliefs. So, when you are not happy with how your life is going, change it by changing your thoughts.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why should we reflect on our life?

Eva's story

The ground was still damp from a spring rain that fell a few hours back. Eva opened the kitchen window and took in the sweet fragrance of her flower garden. Nature had her own ways to express her beauty which made Eva feel like she belonged. She was never a child from this earth and much rather surrounded herself with what she knew to be peaceful. This longing was born from all the letdowns she had experienced and even though she didn’t like to admit it, they had hardened her spirit a bit. She wanted to be loved as much as she loved her flowers. 
She thought she had found love with her ex-boyfriend - a first class jerk – that broke her heart. She had met him during a reading she gave about her latest book. He was sitting in the audience and stood out from the rest of the crowd. It was his dark, mysterious eyes that pulled her in. He was handsome, tall, well dressed, articulate, intelligent, and a successful attorney. He never fussed about the time she spent on her writing. He was everything she thought she wanted until they had their first fight. He showed her his dominant and controlling side by demanding that she should stop seeing her friends. When Eva told him that this was never going to happen, a sudden explosion of offensive words filled the room, and he didn’t stop until she was in tears. It shocked her when he grinned, as if he derived pleasure from seeing her like this. In an instant she fell out of love. Eva felt a chill moving down her spine as she thought back to that night. His energy had left a nasty after taste, but also made her think about the direction her life was going.

There had been a time where she allowed her mind to control her thinking to the point where she felt lost. She had to find herself, needed to know who she was. She was tired of being a victim of her past and needed to let this go. She was pushing forty and didn’t like the idea of growing older. If there was such a thing as a midlife crisis for women she was going through it. Eva took in a deep breath and slowly let it out, it was time to reflect. She couldn’t deny this any longer. 

Why should we reflect on our life?

Reflections can be used as a way of evaluating and creating positive outcomes. When we look at our past we can step back and become an observer when analyzing the experiences we had. I realize that this can be easier said than done when we are overwhelmed with emotions. But, here's the thing, emotions are of the ego, they are not who you are. They are attachments to form identity, in other words, the story we tell ourselves. The form identity would be the actual event. When we let go of the story that is attached to the event, we change our experience, bringing it into the light for healing.
When you feel anger (or any emotion), allow yourself to feel this feeling without creating an attachment to your memory. The anger will fade away when it’s acknowledged and awareness will take its place. This way you enable yourself to look at the situation without judgement, gain understanding, and learn what was needed to learn. Nothing in our life happens without a reason because our soul needs experiences for its growth. By being aware of this we can change our approach on how we experience life from a human perspective.

As you practice reflecting you will also start to understand the people around you and where they are coming from. We all live on our own level of awareness. The soul does not judge and neither should we. In essence, there is no right or wrong, just experiences.
Next time when you feel emotions ask yourself questions such as: What is this telling me? Where does it come from? How is this important? Write it down, it will create clarity. Meditate and ask the guides these questions. I often times do this and it is remarkable how they show the root of the problem, which always almost stems from childhood. You will notice a significant change within when you look at your life from the souls perspective. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to attract miracles

I think that most of you have experienced a divine intervention of some kind. It could be a gut feeling that saved your life, maybe an encounter with someone that suddenly disappeared from view, or you talked to an angel and received a word of knowledge. I’ve heard many stories from people that had something "wondrous" happened to them, including myself. Let me tell you a short story about a girl named Julia.

Julia had a mother who suffered from mental illness, her parents separated when she was six years old, her father was struggling with alcoholism, at age eleven she was raped, and had flunked school, twice, by the time she was thirteen. She found herself all alone and had no one to talk to. Slowly she withdrew from life and became a silent soul that never talked about her situation.
It was a cold night, a week before Christmas, when Julia made up her mind to depart from this world. She walked into the living room, her mother was sitting on the couch, watching a soap opera. Julia announced that she was going for a ride on her bicycle. Without being acknowledged she walked to the door and whispered, “I love you mom.”
The heavy feeling in her heart went away as she cycled to the nearest train station. The frigid temperature had numbed her and replaced the pain with relief; soon all would be over with. She parked her bike, walked onto the platform and watched the first train go by with great speed. She had one hour to prepare herself for the next train to go by. All sense of time, her surroundings, even the coldness was gone; she was ready to make the jump.
From a distance she could see the headlights and feel the vibration on the platform growing stronger, a few more steps was all that it would take. As she walked closer to the edge she felt a hand on her shoulder and a loving voice saying, “it’s not worth it.” She quickly turned around to see who was there and saw no one. In her heart of hearts she knew that something miraculous just happened and it had snapped her back into reality. Her longing for death had faded by a gentle touch on the shoulder, which made her feel more alive than she had ever felt before.

These encounters are always remembered and become a part of your journey through life. But, what do they mean and how does it work? Angels (and other beings that originate from the dimensions of light) work with the energy of grace by whispering to us and help us to dissolve negative karma, even when we are not aware of their existence. They come to help and assist us. 

As a human being we are born into a third dimensional reality which consists of a heavy vibration that is subject to the law of karma. For example, the dimension of the angels consists of divine frequencies based on unconditional love. When angels come to help us they can transmute our lower energy, which we experience as a miracle. This is called the spiritual law of miracles; coincidences and synchronicity are also forms of miracles. We draw in the divine frequencies that will transcend our physical laws when we ask the angels for help, and also by raising our vibration. 

Image by David Hawkin
How to raise your vibration?

The vibration you send out is your overall state of being, your feelings and emotions. It is energy that sends out a frequency. You attract what you send out.

There are several things you can do to raise your vibration:

Meditation: During meditation you can clear and re-balance your energy from any lower vibrating energy. It is also a great way to connect directly with the angels and ask them for help.
Support group: Surround yourself with people that are supportive, positive and lift your spirit. It is always nice to have people around that understand what you are going through. Avoid people that are stuck in their drama and complain, they can bring you down.
Music: Listen to music that makes you feel good and happy. Dance, sing along. It is a wonderful way to release any tension that you hold within.
Food: You are what you eat. Eat whole foods and try to avoid processed foods, also drink plenty of water. Vegetables are high in vibration.
Thoughts: Become conscious of what you think. We speak “things” into existence, but it starts with what we think.  
Connect with nature: Take your time when you go for a stroll and enjoy the beauty that is all around you. Appreciate what you see.

There are many more ways to increase your vibration. Exercise, practice gratitude, acts of kindness. Whatever works for you is fine. Enjoy the moment and watch the miracles manifest.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The higher self, soul, spirit all make the being that you are

When you are born within a body all the memories of past lives and experiences will be erased so you can start with a clean slate. You are not aware of the soul’s knowledge but your soul is aware of what you are learning in your current incarnation. Our mind simply cannot absorb the vast amount of knowledge that our higher self has accumulated over its life time. You will be able to ask the higher self what it has learned and it will share some of its knowledge with you. However, you have to ask specific question because you can only receive the knowledge according to your level of consciousness. Otherwise, you would not be able to understand what the soul speaks of. The more you grow spiritually and increase your consciousness, the more you will be able to understand. You are separated from the soul but also connected and part of the same consciousness.

Every human being is unique and has certain angels and a group of guides around to help them throughout their life. They communicate with us all the time and we can feel their presence by the gut feelings we have. Most people don’t know how to listen to these gentle nudges and won’t realize that these are guidance received from spirit. The spiritual awakening is the awakening of your spirit, a realization takes place that you are more than just a human being and that there is another dimension which is found within you. It is the your soul that awakens you and it will only do so when it knows that you are ready to begin a spiritual journey by the process of letting go of worldly matters. You will be given the opportunity to rise above the physical dimension which previously held you in place by the ego. In essence you reconnect with the higher self and are therefore able to reach a higher consciousness.

While you are here on earth you have two identities. One is the form identity (spirit within the body) and one is your true essence (the higher self). Most of the emotional problems we have are a result of ego attachment to form identity. There is nothing wrong with form identity by itself. The emotional issues are created when we attach a story to a memory. The story we tell ourselves does not come from our soul but from our ego (our mind). In its essence a spirit does not have any form or shape because it is made of energy and consciousness is its voice. If you were able to look at your spirit you would see an orb of sorts. Everything around you is made from the same energy and therefore has some level of consciousness, even the couch you sit on, a book that you are holding, and so on. Life is all around you.

A soul is the infinite spark of unconditional love created to spread love and awareness. It is a being, just like angels and other beings that live in the spiritual realm. The higher self is your true energetic self (over soul, the big daddy) which divides itself into aspects (souls); each aspect divides itself into shards (spirits) that incarnate within a body in the physical dimension. Therefore it is possible to be alive in different bodies at the same time in the same physical dimension. When the body dies, the spirit will join the soul once again. The higher self stays behind in the spiritual realm exploring this realm and its dimensions. Yet, it doesn’t always choose to do so. The higher self evolves through the experiences it has, and the same is true for us (the human being). We evolve by learning and are given challenges to gain experiences needed for our overall growth. Our spirit can stay behind in the physical dimension after the body dies when it doesn’t joint the higher self. We know these spirits as ghosts.

Based on Guy Needler's theory
Higher self – soul – spirit – You, in your current incarnation, is the being that you are.
But, why does the higher self, project up to 12 souls and the soul projects up to 12 shards? I believe that this theory is based on the special meaning that the number twelve has in our history, math, and numerology. The number twelve is symbolic of the creation of the universe. It represents the division or fractionating of unity into twelve individual distinct sound vibrations or tones. The frequency of the third dimension is 9,000, the frequency of the fourth dimension is between 9,000 and 12,000 (12,000 being the highest frequency).
You will find the number 12 used in 187 places in the bible. The number twelve seems to be very important and it represents, in most cases, the number of perfection and authority.
When it comes to numerology the number 12 represents the completed cycle of experience. It also belongs to the star sign Pisces who is known to be a spiritual sign that is in constant touch with the energies of the universe. Number 12 is made up of two numbers, 1 and 2. 1 is a prime number and signifies the beginning and the singular nature of the universe. It is also related to completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement and independence. 2 is all about seeing two sides of any situation, diplomacy, partnership and the mutable nature of life.
An individual that reincarnates as the number 12 has completed a full cycle of experience and learned of the possibility of regeneration toward a higher-consciousness. They belong to a group of developed souls who have accumulated an unusual inner-strength through any and varied lifetimes. Number 12 also represents the educational process on all levels, the submission of the will required and the sacrifice necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom on both spiritual and intellectual levels.

Considering the importance of number twelve it makes sense why the higher-self projects up to 12 souls and 12 shards.