Sunday, April 30, 2017

Haters will hate, lovers will love

When we follow our intuitions and listen to guidance, new doors are opened and we increase our awareness, this is how spirit works. On the spiritual journey you’ll receive synchronicity’s, messages from spirit, that often times suggests that you should “Step out of your comfort zone” (spiritual closet). I stayed in my closet for quite some time before I had the courage to step out into the world and share my thoughts, feelings and insights. I found a way to express myself through the articles that I write on this blog. These articles are moments in my journey where spirit wants me to pay attention to so that I can learn and increase my understanding on spiritual topics. It may be different for you, some like to paint, write music, take pictures, walk in nature, write poetry, and the list goes on and on. Whatever feels right for you, go for it! What I didn’t fully realize was that I would also attract people that don’t appreciate what I have to say. Some can be very cruel and blunt in expressing their feelings. Even though their emotions have nothing to do with me, it can still influence the positive vibe. When this happened to me I realized that I was validating their opinions more than my own. Thoughts went through my mind such as: Maybe they are right? What if I a “crazy”? What I am writing about is nonsense, and so on, and so on. I consciously told these thoughts to go away as I realized that the ego (unconscious mind) likes to keep things the way they were. The insecurities and negative thoughts were simply a result of a conditioned mind that started to crumble the moment I became spiritually awake and now it was hanging on for dear life as I was creating a new reality. In spirituality, right or wrong does not exist. “Truth” is whatever resonates with your personal views. When you connect with like-minded souls you will find much support that will help you develop your spiritual gifts. In other communities you are likely to be ridiculed and judged for your beliefs; however, I have also encountered this behavior in spiritual groups. It is simply a part of life, not just online but also in our everyday life. Bullies, negative “Nelly’s” are everywhere around us and when you feel that sharing your opinions aren’t going to be received well, keep them to yourself. This way you won't be feeding their energy. The behavior of others shouldn’t hold you back on sharing what resonates and feels right to you, but you can choose who you share it with. Haters will hate and lovers will love.

When it comes to spirituality and all of the topics around this subject, you either believe it or you don’t. After all, it is a personal journey based on experiences. There are many explanation and often times it is a creative blend of our interpretations, science, ancient texts, religion, and so on, that offer an answer to the questions that we have. These theories create insights to our personal experiences such as: intuitions, visions, divine interventions, ghost sightings, and so on. Spirituality is an inner-knowing and it’s the unconscious mind (ego) that seeks evidence of its existence. The illusion of self (Maya) will fall away when we surrender to our inner-knowing. There are a number of topics that always come up when I’m channeling the guides: Awareness (consciousness, understanding, knowledge), how important it is to connect with the higher-self (authentic-self, intuition, inner-knowing), and energy (positive/negative, dark/light). I guess you could say that these three topics are fundamental in understanding who we are as a spirit within a body suit. So, why is it that when we choose to be “the light” we also attract “the dark”?  We live in a world of duality: good/evil, positive/negative, light/dark, it’s all around us. Even when we focus on positive energy we can still encounter the negative. Energy affects our overall being and how we react to the people around us. When our energy levels are low we can attract people, beings, and entities that don’t mean well. We can find ourselves under “attack”, also known as a psychic/spiritual attack, and this can be very subtle.  

 What is a spiritual/psychic attack?
Common negativity – Negative comments and thoughts. All kinds of thoughts create energy. It is the energy which affects us more than the content of the message. These attacks are not directed to any person, yet we can be exposed to them. They have a tendency to creep into our spiritual minds and can drain us from life energy. The energy of our spirit is capable of nullifying the effects of negative comments. Block negative people and their energy. If you are online and encounter these types of people don’t read their comments, ignore them, and block them. When you are around them at work / social life / family gatherings, keep your distance and let them be. Do anything you can to preserve your energy. The moment you engage in any conversation that is negative in nature you can find yourself sucked in and feeling drained.
Directed negative energy – These attacks are directed specifically at you and designed to cause damage to your spirit creating anger, sadness and misery. The intention behind these attacks are, often times, based in jealousy and anger. It can manifest itself in the physical and mental self as depression, withdrawal, headache, upset stomach. A strong and healthy spiritual energy is the best defense against any type of attack. Distance yourself from situations that are harmful and place a “protection” shield.
The energy of evil – Evil entities and beings can also attack us, but they can only do so when our energy level is low. They will lose their interest in us when we raise our vibration and focus on the light (positive energy). These entities seek to consume the entire field of the aura and replace it with a mirror image of itself.

Most of us will only deal with the negativity from the people around us. So, be aware, raise your vibration, and block anyone that does not mean well. 

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