Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to attract miracles

I think that most of you have experienced a divine intervention of some kind. It could be a gut feeling that saved your life, maybe an encounter with someone that suddenly disappeared from view, or you talked to an angel and received a word of knowledge. I’ve heard many stories from people that had something "wondrous" happened to them, including myself. Let me tell you a short story about a girl named Julia.

Julia had a mother who suffered from mental illness, her parents separated when she was six years old, her father was struggling with alcoholism, at age eleven she was raped, and had flunked school, twice, by the time she was thirteen. She found herself all alone and had no one to talk to. Slowly she withdrew from life and became a silent soul that never talked about her situation.
It was a cold night, a week before Christmas, when Julia made up her mind to depart from this world. She walked into the living room, her mother was sitting on the couch, watching a soap opera. Julia announced that she was going for a ride on her bicycle. Without being acknowledged she walked to the door and whispered, “I love you mom.”
The heavy feeling in her heart went away as she cycled to the nearest train station. The frigid temperature had numbed her and replaced the pain with relief; soon all would be over with. She parked her bike, walked onto the platform and watched the first train go by with great speed. She had one hour to prepare herself for the next train to go by. All sense of time, her surroundings, even the coldness was gone; she was ready to make the jump.
From a distance she could see the headlights and feel the vibration on the platform growing stronger, a few more steps was all that it would take. As she walked closer to the edge she felt a hand on her shoulder and a loving voice saying, “it’s not worth it.” She quickly turned around to see who was there and saw no one. In her heart of hearts she knew that something miraculous just happened and it had snapped her back into reality. Her longing for death had faded by a gentle touch on the shoulder, which made her feel more alive than she had ever felt before.

These encounters are always remembered and become a part of your journey through life. But, what do they mean and how does it work? Angels (and other beings that originate from the dimensions of light) work with the energy of grace by whispering to us and help us to dissolve negative karma, even when we are not aware of their existence. They come to help and assist us. 

As a human being we are born into a third dimensional reality which consists of a heavy vibration that is subject to the law of karma. For example, the dimension of the angels consists of divine frequencies based on unconditional love. When angels come to help us they can transmute our lower energy, which we experience as a miracle. This is called the spiritual law of miracles; coincidences and synchronicity are also forms of miracles. We draw in the divine frequencies that will transcend our physical laws when we ask the angels for help, and also by raising our vibration. 

Image by David Hawkin
How to raise your vibration?

The vibration you send out is your overall state of being, your feelings and emotions. It is energy that sends out a frequency. You attract what you send out.

There are several things you can do to raise your vibration:

Meditation: During meditation you can clear and re-balance your energy from any lower vibrating energy. It is also a great way to connect directly with the angels and ask them for help.
Support group: Surround yourself with people that are supportive, positive and lift your spirit. It is always nice to have people around that understand what you are going through. Avoid people that are stuck in their drama and complain, they can bring you down.
Music: Listen to music that makes you feel good and happy. Dance, sing along. It is a wonderful way to release any tension that you hold within.
Food: You are what you eat. Eat whole foods and try to avoid processed foods, also drink plenty of water. Vegetables are high in vibration.
Thoughts: Become conscious of what you think. We speak “things” into existence, but it starts with what we think.  
Connect with nature: Take your time when you go for a stroll and enjoy the beauty that is all around you. Appreciate what you see.

There are many more ways to increase your vibration. Exercise, practice gratitude, acts of kindness. Whatever works for you is fine. Enjoy the moment and watch the miracles manifest.

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