Sunday, April 2, 2017

Like minded people, sacred contract, and soul contract

My first conscious connection with my guides was through meditation. Before the awakening I had a few encounters that I could only explain away as “there was something more between heaven and earth”, I never gave it much thought. I was simply “surviving” life. A lot of information about spirituality was given to me – basic spiritual knowledge as spirit called it – when a solid communication with the guides was established. I was reminded of who I am.
I decided to keep a meditation journal and write down all of the information I received. It helped me to create a clear picture of the progress I was making. The articles that I write are my personal experiences combined with the research I have done and the knowledge that was received from spirit. I don’t claim any of the information to be the absolute truth, although it does ring true to my soul.
As I looked back at my journal I realized that my journey developed from being insecure about my new gained awareness into being confident. I am no longer “afraid” to open up and share my thoughts because I connected with like-minded people who gave me the strength to grow. I found my soul family in an online community and it was a breath of fresh air to be around people that didn’t judge and understood what I was going through.

When you are around people that “get you” you will feel safe being yourself. You can openly talk about your thoughts, dreams, and problems without fear of judgement or misunderstanding. It is helpful to be around a support group when you are young in your spiritual journey. It will help you grow, motivate and inspire you.
Like-minded people will always attract each other. It can be a shock to your partner to see a sudden change within you when you are the only one who is experiencing a spiritual awakening. All of a sudden the “click” seems to be gone, because, to your partner, you are no longer the person that they are used to. Most relationships will fall apart and this usually happens so that you can focus on your spiritual development. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. We can choose to work with any situation, including your current relationship. But, this will only work when it’s based on love, trust, tolerance, and acceptance. Personally, it works for me because I choose what I share with my partner, and share my spiritual views with like-minded souls. It works as long as there is balance.

Many people will say that they feel the need to let go of their partner, friendships, family, job, and so on. As your awareness and the vibration that you send out rises above anything and everyone, changes will be needed to stay at this higher frequency. Sometimes we do have to leave our “old” life behind so that we can be around other people that will help us with our spiritual journey. When we don’t make these decisions ourselves it will be made for us and this happens naturally. But, it is much easier to go with the flow instead of fighting the inevitable. You know best when it is time to move on.
Not every relationship is meant to last a lifetime. People come and go in our lives all the time, they are the soul’s that will teach us important lessons and we return the favor. There is no need to feel “bad” when a relationship simply does not work any longer. Guilt is usually why someone stays and this will only hold back the spiritual development.

The bigger picture of having relationships is for souls to come together so they can help each other, and this was planned before incarnation. It is called a soul contract. There is also the sacred contract which is the agreement that your soul makes in order to progress its growth while in this lifetime. These are the karmic lessons you will learn, experiences, and circumstances that you will find yourself in during this lifetime.

Soul contracts are focused on the relationships you have. These contracts are made between two souls whose interaction and relationship are important to the progression of your sacred contract. Your parents, certain friends, romantic partners, spouses, and siblings are the type of people that you have a contract with. Anyone that has an impact on your life will open up opportunities related to your sacred contract. But, just because an opportunity opens up doesn’t mean that you have to take it. Your life doesn’t have to be “predestined” because of free will. You do have a choice and more opportunities. When you don’t learn the lesson or fulfill a part of your contract in this life, your soul may choose to bring it into the next. 

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