Saturday, April 1, 2017

The difference between young, mature and old souls

The spiritual journey is a magical experience when you realize that all the answers you were searching for are found within, all you have to do is ask and trust your inner knowing. However, this is just the beginning, because spiritual school is about to start and it requires more than just having conversations with spirit.
Gaining knowledge through research, letting go of all the old that doesn’t serve anymore purpose, dealing with past trauma’s, stepping out of your comfort zone are a few of the things we need to go through in order to transform from the preconditioned human being that we were into the sentient being that we are. By connecting with our higher self we unplug from the matrix, which are our 3D experiences. We are all connected to God and therefore connected to each other, we are one.
Why is it that we experience our journey in different ways? It all comes down to awareness and what we have previously learned as a soul and simply need to “remember” in order to continue in our journey. You may have been told that you are an old, mature, or a young soul. But, what is the difference between them? When it comes to the souls experiences in life it really doesn’t matter, because, souls do not resonate with the truth behind linear time, they are timeless. But, as a human we have emotions and feelings, souls do not (this is why they incarnate in a body). However, when we look at people we can tell when we are dealing with an old soul simply by observing the human behavior. You may ask yourself why this is important to know. Even though we are a soul in a body that is now awakened and aware of our spiritual being, we still have to deal with people that are not. Knowing the people around us can help us understand why situations occurred the way they have. Also, when we look back on our own experiences before awakening, it will help us to understand why things happened so we can see the deeper meaning behind our memories, traumas and the people involved. This reflection sheds light on the people in our lives and the importance of their role (what did they show us?) and it also sheds light on our own behavior and why we did the things we’ve done. Gaining awareness through understanding will help us in our spiritual growth.
So, how do you know who and what you are dealing with?

Young souls – They tend to be ambitious, materialistic, sense of entitlement, and highly driven. Young souls have an attachment to this world since they remain unaware of spirituality in general. These souls are not awakened because they still have much to learn about the physical realm and all that goes along with it. They often times go through an emotional breakdown of sorts which is needed for spiritual growth. Some young souls get upset quickly and have a mean streak. Like most souls they crave for unconditional love which they will try to obtain in any way they can. Think of ways such as manipulation, control, and so on. They can be “testy” when it comes to the people close to them and somehow there is always much drama in their lives.

Mature souls – they are somewhere in between spiritually aware and awake. These are the curious souls with some spiritual experiences. They have a tendency to float somewhere between heaven and earth. These are people that know that they are a soul within a body, but don’t fully seem to grasp its true meaning. They mean well, still, they can fall victim to the materialistic world. These souls are highly capable, can make major contributions to the human race, very principled, progressive and natural reformers. Money is not a high priority.

Old souls – These souls are our teachers. They are quick learners, adaptable, natural problem solvers that rely on their own inner resources to find solutions. They have the ability to be their own authority and look within for the answers. They don’t worry about the problems in this world and seek to understand the bigger picture in situations. They like to enjoy life and all that it brings including sex, good food, communication, music and anything else sensual or intellectually stimulating.

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