Sunday, April 2, 2017

The higher self, soul, spirit all make the being that you are

When you are born within a body all the memories of past lives and experiences will be erased so you can start with a clean slate. You are not aware of the soul’s knowledge but your soul is aware of what you are learning in your current incarnation. Our mind simply cannot absorb the vast amount of knowledge that our higher self has accumulated over its life time. You will be able to ask the higher self what it has learned and it will share some of its knowledge with you. However, you have to ask specific question because you can only receive the knowledge according to your level of consciousness. Otherwise, you would not be able to understand what the soul speaks of. The more you grow spiritually and increase your consciousness, the more you will be able to understand. You are separated from the soul but also connected and part of the same consciousness.

Every human being is unique and has certain angels and a group of guides around to help them throughout their life. They communicate with us all the time and we can feel their presence by the gut feelings we have. Most people don’t know how to listen to these gentle nudges and won’t realize that these are guidance received from spirit. The spiritual awakening is the awakening of your spirit, a realization takes place that you are more than just a human being and that there is another dimension which is found within you. It is the your soul that awakens you and it will only do so when it knows that you are ready to begin a spiritual journey by the process of letting go of worldly matters. You will be given the opportunity to rise above the physical dimension which previously held you in place by the ego. In essence you reconnect with the higher self and are therefore able to reach a higher consciousness.

While you are here on earth you have two identities. One is the form identity (spirit within the body) and one is your true essence (the higher self). Most of the emotional problems we have are a result of ego attachment to form identity. There is nothing wrong with form identity by itself. The emotional issues are created when we attach a story to a memory. The story we tell ourselves does not come from our soul but from our ego (our mind). In its essence a spirit does not have any form or shape because it is made of energy and consciousness is its voice. If you were able to look at your spirit you would see an orb of sorts. Everything around you is made from the same energy and therefore has some level of consciousness, even the couch you sit on, a book that you are holding, and so on. Life is all around you.

A soul is the infinite spark of unconditional love created to spread love and awareness. It is a being, just like angels and other beings that live in the spiritual realm. The higher self is your true energetic self (over soul, the big daddy) which divides itself into aspects (souls); each aspect divides itself into shards (spirits) that incarnate within a body in the physical dimension. Therefore it is possible to be alive in different bodies at the same time in the same physical dimension. When the body dies, the spirit will join the soul once again. The higher self stays behind in the spiritual realm exploring this realm and its dimensions. Yet, it doesn’t always choose to do so. The higher self evolves through the experiences it has, and the same is true for us (the human being). We evolve by learning and are given challenges to gain experiences needed for our overall growth. Our spirit can stay behind in the physical dimension after the body dies when it doesn’t joint the higher self. We know these spirits as ghosts.

Based on Guy Needler's theory
Higher self – soul – spirit – You, in your current incarnation, is the being that you are.
But, why does the higher self, project up to 12 souls and the soul projects up to 12 shards? I believe that this theory is based on the special meaning that the number twelve has in our history, math, and numerology. The number twelve is symbolic of the creation of the universe. It represents the division or fractionating of unity into twelve individual distinct sound vibrations or tones. The frequency of the third dimension is 9,000, the frequency of the fourth dimension is between 9,000 and 12,000 (12,000 being the highest frequency).
You will find the number 12 used in 187 places in the bible. The number twelve seems to be very important and it represents, in most cases, the number of perfection and authority.
When it comes to numerology the number 12 represents the completed cycle of experience. It also belongs to the star sign Pisces who is known to be a spiritual sign that is in constant touch with the energies of the universe. Number 12 is made up of two numbers, 1 and 2. 1 is a prime number and signifies the beginning and the singular nature of the universe. It is also related to completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement and independence. 2 is all about seeing two sides of any situation, diplomacy, partnership and the mutable nature of life.
An individual that reincarnates as the number 12 has completed a full cycle of experience and learned of the possibility of regeneration toward a higher-consciousness. They belong to a group of developed souls who have accumulated an unusual inner-strength through any and varied lifetimes. Number 12 also represents the educational process on all levels, the submission of the will required and the sacrifice necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom on both spiritual and intellectual levels.

Considering the importance of number twelve it makes sense why the higher-self projects up to 12 souls and 12 shards. 

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