Monday, April 10, 2017

Heart chakra - Healing with Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

Your personal experiences may differ from mine when you start working and communicating with spirit. I can only describe to you how the spiritual realm and the beings appear to me. When you connect, it is amazing how spirit, guides you in your spiritual journey. I was led to a website that showed a meditation for healing the heart chakra by visualizing the lotus flower associated with this chakra. The heart chakra’s color is green or pink, and the lotus has twelve petals.
I suggest you start with the root chakra, and then work your way up. Since I was guided to the heart chakra I decided to start there. I needed to break down the walls that surrounded my heart, because it was time to let love flow as it should. The website spoke of the Archangels and how they assist us with our healing. So, I decided to give it a try.

The healing of the heart chakra was the first of the chakras healed and it was the start of my journey. I learned much during this healing. The explosion of feelings, emotions, and information I received was astounding and it only fueled my curiosity to learn as much as I could about spiritual topics. Some may say, “Wow, woman you have lost your mind.” I guess, in a way I have. We have to lose our conditioned mind in order to align with our soul.

Archangel Chamuel and his twin flame Charity will be the ones to ask for healing. I’m sure that there are other ways to heal the heart chakra, but, this one worked for me. Angels and Archangels have divine attributes and support everything in the universe. Their energy sustains, nurtures, and protects humanity. They are able to assist us on all levels, the body, soul, mind, and spirit. Chamuel helps to heal emotional dis-ease and discord. He assists with developing the higher emotions of the heart chakra.

The stages of healing the heart chakra:

Day one - I went into meditation and was greeted by the guides. I had set my intent on healing and Archangel Chamuel showed up. He took the lotus flower and opened it up, all the petals were dark, with spots on them, and a shadow was hanging over the flower. Some of the leaves were also damaged. The guides were chanting and dancing as Chamuel performed a healing session on some of the petals. I believe that the chanting and dancing increased the vibration so I would have a strong connection with Chamuel. I cried during this healing. Two petals were healed.

Day two – Chamuel was already waiting for me, the moment I closed my eyes and entered the spiritual realm. During the healing, an overwhelming flood of emotions came over me and I felt like running away. I cut the session short, apologized, as I quickly grounded myself. I was confronted with the emotional pain that I had tucked away, for years. I realized that these feelings had to be brought into the light for healing. One petal was healed

Day three – As I connected to the spiritual realm, two of the guides walked up and guided me toward another location. There was a Buddhist temple and in a loving and gentle way they guided me in. We walked past chanting monks, chanting Ohm. A huge, transparent, stature of Buddha sat in the middle of the room; we walked through the stature, and entered another room. I was welcomed by a monk, who didn’t want to give his name, but he did show me a vision of us playing as children. We all sat down on the floor, holding hands to increase the vibration. Golden energy surrounded my spirit body and entered the body through the crown chakra. It was the first time that I connected with the higher-self.
Archangel Chamuel appeared, he lifted his hands and a beam of pink light entered the heart chakra and filled it with love. Chamuel took my head between his hands and looked me straight in the eyes. At first his eyes were dark, but as I looked closer, I saw the universe (the stars, planets, and all the beautiful colors like you see when you look at pictures taken by the Hubble telescope). He asked, “Do you trust me?”
   I replied, “Yes.”
   “You will cry.” He said.
I cried as he healed one petal. It wasn’t a complete breakdown, but it felt like emotions were lifted and taken away. I felt relieved.

Day four – Cherubs showed up and took me by the arms. We lifted and flew to Archangel Chamuel’s dome, which was pure white. Chamuel and his twin flame Charity were waiting inside. I was asked to sit down in the center of the dome; the cherubs had seats all around and against the wall. I asked Chamuel where the guides were and he said that they were around. It was good not to have distractions during the healing. He instructed for me to find some meditation music for the healing of the heart chakra. He also said that if I needed to stop the healing to write things down I could do so, because the connection with him remained while the channel was still open and I was not grounded. One petal was left to be healed.

Day five – Twin flame Charity gave me a rose quartz to hold in my hands during the healing. It strengthened the vibration as Chamuel was healing the last petal. When the healing was finished the Cherubs guided me to another dome. This dome was completely made from golden energy. I was met by Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Nezrah. Gabriel opened the crown chakra so I could have a constant connection with the higher-self. With this connection I will now be able to see who lies and who is honest. It will also give me spiritual insight into the lives of the people that I come into contact with. This insight will come in the form of a higher knowing (gut feelings, vision).

I learned a few things from these meditations:
The communication with Chamuel, (and the guides), was all done by the use of telepathy, sounds, and vision.
Music stimulates the energy which benefits the healing. (I found the music on YouTube). You can also use candles, crystals, and incense.
No distractions, keeps you focused.
The connection with spirit remains as long as you are still open and not grounded.
Different kinds of energy (colors) were used for healing.
Within the spiritual realm are several layers (rooms) where you can go to. Each of these is perceived from our third dimensional perspective, and guided by spirit. As you grow stronger you will move into a different dimension.

The healing of the emotional body and mind all starts from within. It is what’s often describes as “inner” work. In order to do this you'll have to be willing to open up, let it all go, and go with the flow. It can be “scary” at first, but know it’s the ego trying to keep you where you are at. “You can’t have her, she is mine,” was said during a dream I had, and I knew that this was the ego making clear that it didn’t like the changes that I was making. Never the less, the ego is also something we have to let go.

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