Thursday, April 27, 2017

There are no coincidences

In numerology, the number three has a significant meaning when it comes to our being. The number three calls on humans to remember that we carry divinity within. Three’s symbolism is the exuberance of life; the spiritual being having a human experience. It also stands for: Life path, personality, destiny & expression, heart’s desire & soul’s calling, compatibility, and career path.

There are many patterns that come in three’s. The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras made the observation that each human being is composed of three principles aspects: the physical (our body), the mental (mind or psyche), and the spiritual (the soul). Many adapted this concept and found their own way of wording Pythagoras observation. Here are a few examples:
Sigmund Freud: ID – Ego – Super-ego
Carl Jung: Subconscious – conscious – super-conscious.
This realization of the three aspects that make our being is also found long before Pythagoras made his.

Among many traditional tribal groups exists a clear understanding that humans have three distinct souls.
The Lakota Sioux: a physical soul (Woniya) – A cognitive soul (Nagi) – A divine spiritual soul (Nagila).
The Innuit (Eskimo): a breath soul that we receive at birth (Anerneq) – a name soul that is given to us after birth (Ateq) – and an immortal, spiritual soul (Tarneq) that is the true essence of who and what we are.
Practitioners of Voodoo (Caribbean): the grow bon ange – the ti bon ange – the z’etoile.

Our ancestors were concerned with the nature of the soul because of initiation. You have to know who you are in order to experience an authentic initiation like a shamanic initiation. Authentic spiritual wisdom is a fluid process that shifts and changes as it moves across time. It is not a set of rules or scriptures that is fixed and immutable. That beings said, we do find much knowledge and wisdom in the ancient texts which we can use in our spiritual journey. Yet, if we truly want to know our authentic self it is important to look at our overall being and where we came from: The source (God, light, energy) – Higher-self (soul) – Spirit (human being).

When our spirit takes its residence within the body it will inherit the genetic patterns of the parents. The same is true at the spiritual-energetic level. The energy of the mother and that of the father merge and produce a new energetic mosaic that carries the ancestral imprints derived from both family lineages. There are also idiosyncrasies derived from our own personal ancestors, our past selves in former lifetimes as soul memories recorded within the seed essence derived from our higher-self. The merging of these three ancestral lineages: personal, maternal, and paternal, creates a unique form to our personality for each lifetime.

The root chakra carries all the qualities of survival from our ancestors. These are the spiritual qualities which we can draw on when facing difficult circumstances. The knowledge and energy of our ancestors, which is also called the ancestral blueprint, are held within this chakra and unlocked when we experience a spiritual awakening. Our entire being is created for the purpose of gathering life experiences, lessons, and so on, for the higher-self. We can figure out what our purpose is in many ways: numerology, astrology, tarot, channeling, to name a few. Our soul has planned our day and time of birth so that we can fulfill its purpose. Nothing is coincidental, we may steer of coarse but we are always led back.

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