Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why should we reflect on our life?

Eva's story

The ground was still damp from a spring rain that fell a few hours back. Eva opened the kitchen window and took in the sweet fragrance of her flower garden. Nature had her own ways to express her beauty which made Eva feel like she belonged. She was never a child from this earth and much rather surrounded herself with what she knew to be peaceful. This longing was born from all the letdowns she had experienced and even though she didn’t like to admit it, they had hardened her spirit a bit. She wanted to be loved as much as she loved her flowers. 
She thought she had found love with her ex-boyfriend - a first class jerk – that broke her heart. She had met him during a reading she gave about her latest book. He was sitting in the audience and stood out from the rest of the crowd. It was his dark, mysterious eyes that pulled her in. He was handsome, tall, well dressed, articulate, intelligent, and a successful attorney. He never fussed about the time she spent on her writing. He was everything she thought she wanted until they had their first fight. He showed her his dominant and controlling side by demanding that she should stop seeing her friends. When Eva told him that this was never going to happen, a sudden explosion of offensive words filled the room, and he didn’t stop until she was in tears. It shocked her when he grinned, as if he derived pleasure from seeing her like this. In an instant she fell out of love. Eva felt a chill moving down her spine as she thought back to that night. His energy had left a nasty after taste, but also made her think about the direction her life was going.

There had been a time where she allowed her mind to control her thinking to the point where she felt lost. She had to find herself, needed to know who she was. She was tired of being a victim of her past and needed to let this go. She was pushing forty and didn’t like the idea of growing older. If there was such a thing as a midlife crisis for women she was going through it. Eva took in a deep breath and slowly let it out, it was time to reflect. She couldn’t deny this any longer. 

Why should we reflect on our life?

Reflections can be used as a way of evaluating and creating positive outcomes. When we look at our past we can step back and become an observer when analyzing the experiences we had. I realize that this can be easier said than done when we are overwhelmed with emotions. But, here's the thing, emotions are of the ego, they are not who you are. They are attachments to form identity, in other words, the story we tell ourselves. The form identity would be the actual event. When we let go of the story that is attached to the event, we change our experience, bringing it into the light for healing.
When you feel anger (or any emotion), allow yourself to feel this feeling without creating an attachment to your memory. The anger will fade away when it’s acknowledged and awareness will take its place. This way you enable yourself to look at the situation without judgement, gain understanding, and learn what was needed to learn. Nothing in our life happens without a reason because our soul needs experiences for its growth. By being aware of this we can change our approach on how we experience life from a human perspective.

As you practice reflecting you will also start to understand the people around you and where they are coming from. We all live on our own level of awareness. The soul does not judge and neither should we. In essence, there is no right or wrong, just experiences.
Next time when you feel emotions ask yourself questions such as: What is this telling me? Where does it come from? How is this important? Write it down, it will create clarity. Meditate and ask the guides these questions. I often times do this and it is remarkable how they show the root of the problem, which always almost stems from childhood. You will notice a significant change within when you look at your life from the souls perspective. 

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