Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The essence of spirituality

Spirituality is not having a particular belief structure, it is not subscribing to a particular set of thoughts. Spirituality is discovering a dimension within yourself (awakening) that is deeper or higher than the continuous movement of thinking. 

Every creative person has some access to a place that is deeper than analytical thinking, a place where you are not bothered by unnecessary noise. Creative people access the silence within without effort. Your entire life consists of sense perception, thoughts and emotions.  It is our pure consciousness that enables us to notice sense perception, thoughts and emotions. However, it is hidden for most. Our Presence/Consciousness/awareness is the spiritual dimension within. For example; the essence of a room is the space in the room, often times we overlook the space because of the objects within the room.  The same is true for our sense perception, thoughts and emotions. They can be so overwhelming that we can’t seem to connect with the stillness within. The space of consciousness enables everything to be. However, it is much like a fish in the water that is not aware of the water. You can be aware of awareness itself but you can’t say here it is.

All that you ever have and experience is the present moment. Most people are identifying their life to the thought forms they have and emotionally attach themselves to the past or the future. The present moment and the space within the present moment – the space is consciousness and this is who you are. When you fully realize this you will become free of the false sense of “I”. This is the essence of spirituality. Your sense perceptions will change and you will be able to appreciate and feel the beauty and life that is all around you. The feeling of aliveness in the inner body will be more noticeable. This realization is also called the light of consciousness or present moment which is the same and known as an awakening (A place of stillness and the source place of creativity).