Sunday, June 11, 2017

Step into your authentic power

The soul is who you are. You, as a human, are a part of the soul. The soul is the higher self; the human is the spirit, the personality. The soul knows you, it knows what you are doing, where you are going and why you are doing the things that you do even when you yourself don’t have a clue as to why your life is going the direction it is going. Your job is to learn how to go into the same direction as your soul is going. Because you can choose and create anything you want you can go into the opposite direction than your soul wants you to go. This is a sure way to find rough waters. But, if you go into the direction that the soul wants you to go, your life fills with meaning, purpose and love. You will be excited about being alive, excited about the people you are with and what you are doing.

Humans are becoming multi-sensory and are beginning to sense that the entire physical universe and everything that occurs to us and that what we experience is a learning experience, and it is not the entirety of the universe. As humanity becomes multi-sensory, and millions of people are beginning to, the experience of life goes beyond the limitations of the five senses. People are waking up and experience themselves as more than minds and bodies. The “more” is your soul. When this happens to you, you’ll begin to experience life as more than random and as meaningful. You begin to see that nothing happens out of the order and design of your life. Every interaction between you and anyone is perfect and offers each individual involved opportunity to grow spiritually. The experiences are perfect for that individual given the wisdom of the choices that he/she has made. When you view life from this angle you could say that everything that happens to you is always perfect. When experiences seem terrible, disruptive or difficult it’s because parts of your personality is afraid. This is also why it is hard for people to follow the path that their soul wants them to take. When parts of our personality is afraid it’s experienced as anger, jealousy, resentment, superiority, entitlement, the need to please, inferiority, every obsession, every compulsion, every addiction. These examples are all experiences of fear. There are other parts of your personality that look at a circumstance in a different way and these are the parts of your personality that originate in love. They are experienced as gratitude. The experiences of fear are not coming from the unchangeable ground of your being, it is coming from a part of your personality, but you don’t need to be controlled by it. It is important to fully realize that you are connected to all things, connected to the soul. If you don’t know this you will become even more frightened. The soul is not all of the beneficence of the universe, it is boundless. When you are in anger, jealousy, resentment you can shift your attention to a part that’s grateful, appreciative, in awe of the universe, whatever it is that is rooted in love to take you out of these negative feelings. When you don’t know that you can shift your focus you will find yourself trapped in this negative mindset and it can be experienced as hell, it can be very painful. When you know that experiences are presented to you for a reason and that reason is for you to experience it fully by not denying any emotions or to repress it ever, but to feel it. You can choose the healthiest part of your personality, while you are feeling these emotions, so you can respond from love.

Often times, we experience the loss of a loved as painful. The way you experience this loss is a matter of perspective. From the perspective of the soul, interactions between personalities are meaningful. When you look at life from the soul’s perspective you will be able to see the gifts that your loved one has offered to you during its stay on earth. You will reach a place in your life where you are grateful that this person chose to be with you for however long the time. If you don’t look at it in this way you will live your life in anguish, thinking that a tragedy has occurred. When you accept that a soul comes into your life and gives you gifts and chose to be with you, then you will begin the process of fathoming, appreciating and becoming grateful for the power of the interaction that you had with that soul. You will be able to receive the gifts that this soul gave to you. When you don’t do this you will continually be turning away from those gifts. You will be denying the very wealth of wisdom and compassion that was offered to you by this soul.

How to get your authentic power back
When you are not aware of the fear in you, which means the frightened part of your personality, you have not developed emotional awareness in terms of physical sensations in your body. You are unaware on how to make responsible choices for which you are willing to assume responsibility for, you’ll be on automatic just rolling along for the ride. Buddhists call this the wheel of Samsara, or suffering and you keep turning around and around. For example; you get very angry when someone offends you. You create consequences from reacting unconsciously and then you encounter other experiences that give you opportunities. It’s continues when you react each time you create negative painful experiences. It stops when you develop the ability to become aware of these frightened parts of your personality. This is a wake-up call and they are painful. When you change your intention you will break the cycle (the wheel). Intention is a motivation; it is the reason for doing what you are doing. It is an energy that infuses the deed or the word. If you drill down deep into your intention you’ll get to a bedrock bottom place where there are only two intentions, Love and fear.

You step into authentic power when you come to serve fully the energy of your soul. The ability to manipulate and control is the pursuit of external power, we see this all around us in the physical world. This is what the frightened part of your personality is doing, it is pursuing external power. It’s trying to cover a very deep pain, the pain of powerlessness, the pain of wanting to belong and not belonging. When you are in your frightened part of your personality you are trying to fill a vacuum and there is no end to it. You are controlled by the frightened part of your personality and authentic power is recognizing them. The pursuit of external power doesn’t have to do with how much of anything material you have or don’t have. It manifests itself as trying to acquire the ability to manipulate and control. Authentic power is to use your personality to align with the soul and in order to do this you will have to do the work (inner work) to know what the soul came to do. And the intention that really produces results is the intention of love. Nobody can touch you when you line up with the soul and you start using your personality to serve the greater calling (souls purpose), because this is what authentic power is. That’s when you are your strongest, your most forceful and your best. This is why you were born and when you can step into your authentic power you will be unstoppable. The authentic power is the ability to distinguish within you the difference between love and fear. Choose love no matter what’s happening inside of you or what’s happening outside of you.