Thursday, January 11, 2018

Healing with the help of spirit

The beauty of working with your soul and spirit guides is that they all want to help you. For the ones that don’t have this connection, there is much that you can do by seeking help from counselors, energy healers, psychic mediums, and so on. Also, the use of crystals, herbal medication and other tools for healing can be very helpful. My personal experiences come from spirit. 
During childhood, I gave up on living and my survival instincts kicked in. My “unconscious” mind (ego) was running the show and my self-damaging behavior was a reaction which formed habits that weren’t always good to have. It was time to address my behavioral patterns but my ego was trying hard to keep me in place. I realized that I had the power to silence the ego. 

An important part, of the spiritual journey, is to learn how to “let go of” ego and emotional attachments and to become an observer of your life. A remarkable shift in perspective will take place when you examine your life from the soul’s perspective. This will give you understanding about your choices, actions, and results of life events.

Spirit had the following to say:
Me: “How can I use my consciousness and work on emotional blockages without the ego triggering a response?”
Spirit: “First you have to understand that your soul is pure energy, just like spirit is. Your consciousness is the space between form. And you have a body to experience emotions and feelings in a way that you would never be able to do if you were to remain within the spiritual realm. 
Experiencing emotions and feelings is one of the reasons why the physical realm was created. When you know that you are part of the soul, that the two are one, you can use the consciousness to work on issues created by your physical being and the ego.
Allow yourself to go along with the healing process and write down whatever comes to you. Writing is an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, and this is what you see with your human eyes. It doesn’t matter if your perceptions are true or false. All that matters is that you learn the process and learn to let go of restrictions that you placed upon yourself.
When the ego is involved it will hold you back, you’ll have to push through and state your intentions. Focus and tell the ego to leave and it will go away. Use intentions with a clear mind, be mindful, take a few deep breaths and quiet the mind. Repeat this until you can hold your focus. 
Awareness is important when it comes to set your creative side free and it takes practice. Shut out the world when you feel influenced and distracted by your environment. Go into meditation, listen to soothing music, and silence the mind." 

Spirit cut energy attachments to significant moments in my life when I went into meditation. Though I wasn’t thinking about my past, these attachments were a part of my energy field. Cutting these “cords” didn’t solve the problem but it removed the heavy energy, cleansed my spirit, and made “letting go of” the past much easier. Spirit also likes to use the Akashic records for healing.

Dialogue with spirit - Using the Akashic records for healing:
Spirit: “The Akashic records are recordings from every being within the physical realm. It holds all the information of everything that occurred in your life. Knowing that you are consciousness enables you to walk into the records with the approval of its keepers, (In other words, you can’t just walk in there, and you need to have access granted). When you look at your memories you’ll be able to step back and observe, realize and learn, and “let go” of the pain and suffering that are attached to these events. When you see the ”bigger picture of life” and understand why things happened, it will be easier to let things go.

Using your emotions and ego for healing:
Everything in life was created for and by you so that you can experience the emotional and physical aspects of your being. This helps you to understand your life on a soul level. Emotions are reactions that come from the ego and they are low in vibration. Love comes from the heart and emotions come from ego. The ego uses emotions as an indication that there’s more healing to do. Raise your vibration when you feel emotions and you’ll be able to detach the ego aspect. When you look at the ego in terms of energy it will become a tool to help you grow in awareness. 

You can raise your vibration by stating your intent and use visualization. 
Intend - Thought - Action - Result.
For example, you are feeling sad: 
State your intend: I intend to be joyful and happy.
Visualize yourself as doing something that makes you happy and feel this feeling.
Action: Do something that makes you happy. Listen to music.
Result: You will feel much better.

Positive affirmations to resolve emotional blockages:
I intend to resolve all karma and the attachment to the physical realm
I intend to let go of the ego as it is no longer needed to help me survive life
I intend to resolve emotional blockages and learn from all of life’s experiences
I intend to transform into who I truly am
I intend to live consciously

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