Sunday, January 7, 2018

Spiritual awakening and consciousness

A spiritual awakening happens when your soul awakens its spirit, this can feel overwhelming, and when this happened to me I wasn’t sure what was going on. Instead of meditating and silencing the mind, the silence began to speak. The awakening established a connecting with my soul and I received knowledge and understanding from a realm beyond the “earthly” one. On a soul level, I connected to the spiritual realm and became disconnected from the matrix, our conditioned social programming. When I met like-minded people I noticed that this “awakening” happened to others as well. It was good to know that I wasn’t alone and going through this awakening process, it was happening on a global scale. Social network sites that focused on spirituality, and their members sharing their knowledge and experiences, helped me to understand spirituality. This was a relief, most of my immediate surroundings, my friends, and family, were “making it through the day” without bringing any spiritual value to their being. Many people have a religious background, social conditioning, and want nothing to do with spirituality. My thinking was the opposite and this made my journey a lonely one. I tried to talk about the awakening and instead of receiving a joyful reaction I felt judged and ridiculed. A change of approach made it possible for me to reach people on their “level” of awareness and this was a great lesson. There’s no sense in discussing spirituality when someone can’t be open to it; this didn’t mean that I was better than them, in truth, there’s no such thing.
So, what was this “awakening” about? Spirit was very clear and said: “It’s about expanding your consciousness, your awareness, and remembering who you are.” In Eastern traditions such as Buddhism, I found knowledge about consciousness and the different stages.

Source Wikipedia:
Expanding consciousness is a progression of awareness and concern for others. Siddhartha Guatama, better known as Guatama Buddha or Buddha, was an enlightened teacher who attained full Buddhahood and shared his insights to help sentient beings end rebirth and suffering. Buddha’s followers summarized and memorized his discourses and monastic rules. His teachings passed down by oral tradition and 400 years after his death committed to writing.

Buddha defined consciousness as follows:
Level one:
External change - Perception of space and time
Internal change - Awareness of physical body; Focus on individual survival
Level two:
External change - Separate good from evil
Internal change - Distinguish the self from others
Level three:
External change - Capable of discrimination
Internal change - Choice to align with goodness rather than evil
Level four:
External change - Reverence toward nature; Oneness; Against harming others
Internal change - Decreased attachment to material possessions
Level five:
External change - Ability to heal others in certain circumstances
Internal change - Physical, Mental, emotional, and spiritual restoration
Level six:
External change - Ability to heal others in any condition
Internal change - No value in individuality; Importance of community contribution
Level seven:
External change - Teachers of all others
Internal change - Exemplify four principles of honesty, faithfulness, service, and truthfulness (examples: Jesus and Buddha)

Within most Eastern belief structures is the principle of the Cosmos as a joint entity with human awareness. Many branches of this belief structure stress the importance of AUM, also written as OM, as the first sound produced after the world was created.
Eastern perspectives assert that consciousness originates from AUM, and by using our human consciousness, we can achieve oneness with our soul. Oneness eliminates the separation of external and internal changes into one general indication of movement from stage to stage. And this movement is known as the Seven Shamanic levels of consciousness.

The Seven Shamanic levels of consciousness:
Personal - Knowledge of the self and of personality
Mankind - Knowledge of human evolution and its experiences
Amphibious - Sense of separate identity between water and land (Water and land are symbolic of man and earth)     
Spherical - Perceiving using the five bodily senses
Crystal - Perceiving using emotions, thoughts, and purity (First inorganic level undistorted by bodily senses)
Light - Attained only by near-death experiences; “tunnel effect” (First level above the human world)
Sound - Only heard when the mind attunes itself to the world (From the primeval vibration AUM)

You could say that the purpose of a spiritual awakening is to attain self-realization and to become one with your soul. It is much like dying, letting go of the old ego attachments, and being reborn by remembering the authentic self (your soul). The process of letting go is not easy, especially when the ego is throwing “fits”, it is a necessary part of the process. During this time you may have to “let go off” friends, relationships, your job so that you can make room for new adventures in your life. Spiritual schooling includes meditation, reading books, connecting with like-minded people, and other ways to enhance your consciousness. Don't fight this awakening process, go with the flow and embrace the “new” you.

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