Saturday, May 26, 2018

Love is life and life is spirit

Spirits message:
Spirits within the spiritual realm are like birds in the sky and in a flash of lightning we can move around. You can’t physically see us but we are here watching over you. We connect with you because there is much to do and much to learn. Humanity is not alone although the Earth is the smallest place in the universe and humans are the only ones of their kind. We are connected and went our separate ways though true love doesn’t desert you. It is this love, our connection, which will break the chains that binds you to the physical dimension. Most of humanity lives in sorrow, pain, and misery. People don’t realize that there is a way out of this reality because they search for love outside of themselves. Nothing makes sense when you live in this way. Love is life and life is spirit. You may not see it but you can feel it deep inside. The world is changing right before your eyes but when love fills your heart there is no more emptiness inside. All wounds will be healed and humanity will love again. Be careful of what you do because a lie becomes truth.

Spirit communicates with you in many different ways and this includes synchronicities such as songs, numbers, and coincidences, people you meet, and for the ones that connect via meditation spirit uses the spiritual senses. The above message was received through songs and lyrics. I asked questions, hit the shuffle option on Pandora, and received an answer. It was different from what I usually do which is connecting through meditation.

The spiritual realm
Descriptions for the word sky: Akasha, space, aether, atmosphere, heaven, spiritual realm. In Hinduism, Akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the material world; the first material element created from the astral world. A Vedic mantra indicates that there’s a sequence of initial appearance of the five basic gross elements. First appeared the space from which appeared air, from air came fire or energy, from energy came water, from water came the earth. These five gross elements are the main characteristic of sound. Hindu philosophy states that Akasha is the fifth physical substance, which is the substratum of the quality of sound. It is the One, Eternal, and All-Pervading physical substance, which is imperceptible.

Why does spirit communicate through the use of music?
AUM represents the whole spectrum of the sound of language. To the Greeks, the “AUM” became the Alpha and the Omega which represents the horizontal cycle of time and the vertical spectrum of consciousness. AUM also represents Waking, dream, and deep sleep state. When you speak the word AUM you first open your mouth to pronounce the “A” and close with the sound “M”. The silence at the end of the third sound (M) is the presence. The passing of the word AUM is giving someone the entire sense of the ultimate context and nature of reality. The source of AUM comes from silence and returns to the silence of pure awareness (presence).

Humanities consciousness is limited and separated from spiritual and the soul’s consciousness. Some of you are more attuned and are starting to see yourself from the perspective of soul’s consciousness (two become one). Your “I AM” presence (higher-self) is part of your being. It is not removed and separated from you in time and space. The only separation from the “I AM THAT I AM” is your own human consciousness (Your sense of limitations, accumulation of vibrations, and previous lifetimes that are less than the highest qualities of your higher-self).

You share your star-seed (soul essence) with many galactic species/entities such as Pleiadians, Anunnaki, Atlantis, and so on. Soul essence is light and light is love. Love, calmness, peace, and harmony are “light” vibrations and are high in frequency. If you have a high vibration you are more in touch with your higher-self. “The chains that bind us” are our attachments to the physical dimension (3d) seen through our limited human consciousness which vibrates at lower frequencies. When you are not consciously connected with your spiritual self this attachment creates immense suffering and chaos.  

What you send out you attract; it is the basic law of attraction. In terms of energy, the first three chakras (portals) are what binds you to the earth the upper four chakra’s (heart, throat, third eye, crown) connects you with the spiritual realm/self and all that resides there including your higher-self. You could say that these are the spiritual portals. People whose chakras have not been activated are immersed in their human consciousness. These people often have much ego and this takes them far away from their spiritual self. Ego attachment to form identity creates suffering, chaos, sorrow, pain, and misery. It is not that someone is choosing this consciously; they simply don’t know how to turn this “pain and sorrow” around into “joy and love”. By searching for love within you can change your human perspective into that of the soul perspective, vibrate on a higher frequency, and thus change your reality. Change your perspectives, change your reality.

In terms of spiritual dimensions, the fifth dimension is also known as the heavenly realm. Each night when you go to sleep your spirit connects with the spiritual realm. Between awakening from your sleep and being awake is a dream state which you could say hold your memories from your “stay” in the spiritual realm although most of you don’t consciously remember this. Epouranios is a Greek word which means: The heavenly place where God dwells, heaven, the heavenly temple, the abode of God, The spiritual realm. This word is used twenty times throughout the New Testament and used in different ways adding emphasis and meaning to this word. These dimensions are very real.

Love is life and when love fills your heart there is no more emptiness inside. The heart connection is the connection to spirit and home to your soul. When you come from a place of love all of your wounds will heal and you’ll be able to give and receive love. The ascension is evolution; it is the next phase of our evolution and a change in our human consciousness into that of the soul consciousness. The “old” earth will go on as the “new” earth arrives and you won’t be left out.  

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