Thursday, May 17, 2018

Say goodbye to Pisces and hello to Aquarius!

The Pleiadians are humanities ancestors (we are related to other species as well) and both species share the same star seed. The term star seed is also referred to as soul essence or energy. The Pleiadians intention was to share their soul essence to continue their legacy on the earth. They guide us as we climb the ascension ladder and transition from our 3rd-dimensional perspective into the 4th. Goodbye Pisces and hello Aquarius.
The ascension will go through stages:
Spiritual awakening: The soul awakens its spirit so that the host can start to view itself from a galactic perspective.
Shed the old behavioral patterns which were conditioned by society, controlled by the ego and part of the physical dimension. This is a time of cleansing which is known as the time of Aquarius.
Remembering your Akash especially the wisdom gained from the past lives. Use the Akash for growth and not to satisfy curiosity because you can create illusions when there is still ego and desire present. The Akash was created to harness the wisdom stored within its records. One can only enter its records when permission is granted by its guardians.
Channeling: Much information will come to you through channeling and this will come in various ways. It helps to contemplate and focus your energy on specific questions that you may have about spiritual topics.
Galactic consciousness: You will grow and change your perspectives seen through the human consciousness into that of the galactic consciousness. How you view your life will change when you acknowledge your galactic heritage.

Nations and their institutions control much of the population by the use of fear. These institutions are designed to keep humanity in an oblivion about extraterrestrial knowledge, ancient texts, relics and other artifacts and knowledge. There are many libraries hidden from civilization that contain channeled works. Much of these works are extraterrestrial in nature.
    Religion was created by and for humanity and it is a form of slavery used to control its followers by promising a heaven or a hell. Live your life right and you are given the Promised Land choosing otherwise and you’ll go to hell. Institutions, such as the church, will lose its control because more people are breaking away from fear and conditioned beliefs that were passed down through generations of ancestors. Like the ancient religions, the current religions will also cease to exist.

Spirits message:
When you discuss and write about spirituality and its many topics it may seem ludicrous to some people. Many have a different mindset and don't use their consciousness in a proficient way and refuse to give into their natural abilities to connect with spirit. You could say that they are "the sheep" who follow a system that brings no fruition to their being (think of systems like governments and religion). Can you imagine a world where everyone has all the information and tools necessary to evolve as a species? All this spiritual knowledge is found within your being and revealed when you connect with the soul's consciousness (the higher-self, your team of spirit guides). Much of the spiritual information is already shared by many and will help bring spiritual awareness to the curious souls. This information is needed to assist in a global awakening. Understanding spiritual knowledge opens many doors that will eventually lead to a spiritual awakening. You could say that an army of earth angels, and by angels we mean messengers, bring knowledge to the public and assist in the awakening process.

Today’s children will create humanities leap in consciousness; it is all part of evolution and the ascension. The ascension is not a new concept and other galactic civilizations, such as the Pleiadians, have gone through this. There is only room for growth and expansion. Your life force will eventually outgrow the physical body because energy always outgrows its confinement. Your consciousness will evolve and combined with wisdom and knowledge about universal laws of all kinds you will be able to create a physical form by using only thoughts and words. This is when you will truly become a galactic being.

The Unconscious mind is the storage place for our memories that are repressed or which we don’t wish to recall. For example, childhood traumas or something distant like what you had for lunch ten years ago. We can’t remember these memories by choice but they can be triggered by hypnosis, a specific event, scent, etc.
The memories in the subconscious mind are closer to the surface and more easily accessible with a little focus. We can choose to remember these memories and bring them into the conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the source of the “programs” such as memories, feelings, habits, behavior, and emotions that our subconscious mind uses.
These two minds are the place where all your memories and experiences since birth have been stored. It’s from these memories that your beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed and reinforced over time.

You can start to look at yourself as a galactic being and see life from spirits perspective while resolving blockages within your unconscious and subconscious mind. Learn, evolve, and enjoy your spiritual journey. 

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