Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spirit likes to talk

Everything physical has its counterpart in the spiritual realm as well (human/soul). You galactic neighbors who inhabit a body also have a spirit body just like you do. The spiritual realm is a collective gathering place where everyone comes together. This realm is also the place where communication is established with extraterrestrial species because all use the same spiritual consciousness. Many people are capable of connecting with advanced spirits that reside in higher dimensions. Some scientific knowledge (formulas) were received in this way. One of the languages of the universe is sound. Spirit also works with symbols, telepathy, numbers, and colors. 

Your immediate group of guides stays behind in the spiritual realm. To guide a human life it is more convenient for spirit guides to stay in the spiritual realm because they have full access to everything that happens in your life. Besides, a human life lasts like a blink of an eye because time does not exist in the spiritual realm.

The source is the gathering place where all spirits (personalities) come together. It is also the realm where souls go when they have completed their stages of growth in the physical universe. Souls unite with the source energy after completion and from there they can “spark” into another universe and thus become part of the multi-verse. Growth continues after this as well; it is infinite.
Energy forms into all kinds of shapes even cosmic bodies such as stars and planets. You are made from the same energy and can, therefore, become whatever you want to be. However, this you decide when you are in the spiritual realm before incarnation. But, you have to go through the process of growth and by growing to your full potential as a soul first. Many of the advanced souls have already learned much about the workings of this process and they chose to come to the earth to help humanity shift into the next phase of evolution which in spiritual circles is called the ascension. 
In the spiritual realm, you all help each other (soul mates that we meet in life) and you all share the same soul essence. This soul essence is your common star seed also known as the light (energy). 

There is something to be learned from anyone that you meet even from people that you don’t like and who harmed you.

How does it all work?
Dense energy is low in vibration and frequency is referred to as “dark” and energy that is high in vibration and frequency is referred to as “light”. Ultimately the terms “light” and “dark” is also an illusion. Spirits are light, even the ones that are judged as dark are more like a deep dark shade of purple. To the higher-self (soul) everything is energy. Darkness is not completely dark because it is part of the same light spectrum. It is the human consciousness that perceives it as such.

Spirits message:
Dark spirits (dark forces) are named as such because they are judged as “evil” by humanity. They are often young and inexperienced in their spiritual growth. Some of these spirits can be advanced souls that choose to explore the “dark side” of life. Some people may “fall” into darkness due to traumatic experiences. Every realm, world, dimension, has a purpose and all the experiences will add to the overall growth of the spirit (personality, think of a human being) and the soul. In the spiritual realm, darkness doesn’t exist and isn’t judged as such. It is a human concept to judge darkness as evil. On an energetic level, nothing is wasted and everything adds to the spiritual growth of an individual, even events that are considered to be evil.

When you start to observe the people around you, including your own behavior, something remarkable happens when it’s shared with spirit. What you are actually doing is reading a person’s energy with the help of your spirit guides. A deeper understanding will take place and this helps you not only to grow as an individual but also on a spiritual level. Human behavior is fascinating, to say the least, and spirit likes to talk and explain the deeper meaning of behavior.

Example of a reading (the person is referred to as “He” or “this person”):
This person is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps and making a living by using people. It is up to the individual to see through his scams. He knows that what he is doing is shady although he continues to plot his plans. His father conducted business in a different way; he was a more honest man. The father also did things that weren’t right. All of this is part of this person’s karma. He is attached to the memories of his times and travels with his family (in other words he lives in the past). Understand that he is identified with the unconscious mind and that his ego is running the show. Meanwhile, he is leaving a trail of people behind which he treated unfairly.

On a physical level, human behavior has to do with its consciousness. The cause and effect of behavior teach the spirit valuable lessons which will be added to its overall growth.
Spirits within the spiritual realm can show human behavior when they are energetically attached to the physical incarnation (ghosts). This also goes for a person’s spirit that you connect with when you perform a reading. It’s a different experience when you connect with the higher-self (soul) because the higher-self is the true energetic self which creates personalities (spirits). When a person dies its spirit goes into “recovery” to restore all of its energy before moving further into the spiritual realm. Spirits that are advanced, or what people refer to as an “old soul”, are not as attached and identified with their last incarnation and will spend less time in recovery. These are people that were awakened and connected with the spiritual realm throughout life. This doesn’t mean that a person can’t make mistakes, create harm, or attempt to eradicate the ego (which is a mistake to think that a person should remove the ego because an ego also has a purpose). Everything that happens during incarnation is all part of the learning experience. 

You can observe behavior but when you judge it your identifying with the unconscious mind and therefore become unconscious yourself. The ego will play tricks and create illusions until you stop judging what you "see". You could look at the ego as a “tool” that can bring in awareness once you become aware of what it is doing to your consciousness. The unconscious mind creates stories and when you believe these stories you are following the ego; follow your heart instead.

You can fall back into an “unconscious” mindset however by practicing awareness you can avoid much of these moments. Connect with spirit a few times a day when you feel like you are falling into unawareness. You may go through phases where you don’t feel like connecting with spirit and this is also alright. Many still hold back in their spiritual growth by allowing their surroundings to influence them; the cause for this is often relationship related. It is an illusion to think that you have plenty of time during your life to grow to your full potential because that moment is always right now.  Learn to balance and maintain your spiritual connection. It doesn’t matter what the world around you does; what matters is what you do.

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