Sunday, May 20, 2018

We are one big ass "happy" family under a big old family tree!

The soul (higher-self) creates its own spirit which you could also refer to as a personality. This personality inhabits a body of its choosing. In your case, this is a human body. You have a natural connection with the spiritual realm because this is where your soul resides. You may have heard the term: As above so below. The same is true for: As below so above. The earth (other planets), its inhibitors, and the spiritual realm are all part of the physical dimension; they are related and work with each other even when we are not consciously aware of this. You could say that there is a ripple effect which occurs when something happens on the earth and on a smaller scale when something happens to you. The vibrations of an event also affect the spiritual realm. The same is true the other way around. We are all connected and related through and by our consciousness and soul essence. Soul essence = the “white” energy you always read and hear about in spiritual circles which also makes your true energetic self ((soul) an example of this would be an orb that some of you have seen).

We are one big ass “happy” family under a big old family tree!
Creation is endless and our galactic ancestry is enormous. Several galactic civilizations have the ability to create souls. When you hear a person say that they are Pleiadian they are actually referring to their higher-self and where it was created. People that are claiming to be an angel (like we see described in the bible with wings and all) or any other galactic being disguised as a human are fooling themselves. However, on a soul level, it is possible that the soul was created in another star cluster. All this doesn’t mean that earth can’t be visited by galactic beings on a physical or astral level.

Spirit’s message:
The first civilization created in your galaxy was the Seraphim. They are not angels but are part of the angelic family as we all are (messengers). Every star cluster within your physical universe has its own civilization. The star cluster Alexandria is home to Atlantis and its civilization. They came to earth many years before the Anunnaki did. Between the times of Atlantis and the Anunnaki, the Pleiadians came to earth; they are your star sisters and brothers. What is known as angels (Anunnaki) in your culture is a creation of the Pleiadians because they wanted to make sure that your ancestral inheritance would be remembered. However, the angels had a will of their own and an ego. When they came to the earth they also brought ego related character traits and this is why humanity struggles with duality.

Examples of galactic civilizations who shared their star seed (soul essence) with their creation:
Atlanteans created the Pleiadians
Atlanteans created the first human being (a prototype made from flesh and bones)
Pleiadians created the Anunnaki (known to most as angels)
The Anunnaki created the civilized human (they gave the human “prototype” soul essence).

In spirituality, people talk about “the light” which is pure energy. Bright light is high in frequency and vibration. “Dark” light is dense and low in frequency and vibration. The term “darkness” simply means that it is low in frequency and dense in terms of energy. Light and dark are still made from the same energy but they are the opposite of the same spectrum. Soul essence, spirit, consciousness, light, dark = all energy. So, beings whose frequency and vibrations are “light” reside in the higher dimensions within the spiritual realm. There are also beings whose frequency and vibrations are low. An example of such a species would be the Reptilians; they were created from a “darker force” which was dense in terms of energy. This civilization can be violent and harmful to others. This is not because they choose to do so; they simply don’t know any better. They are an intelligent and advanced being but they don’t know how to use or what to do with emotions and this is why they are interested in earth. You could say that a Reptilian, when cornered, will react out of fear and attack. Reptilians used to be on the earth in great numbers during the times of the dinosaurs. This civilization has also left its mark within the dormant strands of human DNA, also known as “junk” DNA

When you look at all of the different “beings” within the spiritual realm that many of you connect with when channeling it is important to realize that there is nothing to fear. Spirits in the spiritual realm are a form of energy and so are you. It is a misunderstanding that creates this fear and this goes both ways. Protect your energy field and ask help from your spirit guides when you channel. Do this and you should be fine.

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