Saturday, May 26, 2018

What is the ascension all about?

The illusion of the self is a concept created according to human consciousness. When a human is on earth attached to the body suit and unaware of its full potential as the spiritual being that it is, it will live life as a part of the matrix, unconscious and ruled by the mind and ego. The ego is the mind in its unconscious state. However, when the higher-self takes its seat as to what humans call the seat of the soul, which is just below the crown chakra, the mind becomes conscious and the ego will lose its grip. Illusions will fade away and are replaced by true intent. The higher-self connects with the heart center which is also called the heart chakra and prana is able to flow freely. The life force is prana. All of these terms is the spiritual knowledge that spirit gave to humanity a long, long time ago.

The creation of humanity and its purpose
Humanity has forgotten that it has been before where it is today, only now technology has flooded the earth. Before, there was technology, yet, used in a different way, to serve humanity. But, when ego was created, and yes it was created by mankind, the mind was used for selfish acts. The beings of the galaxy had to reset humanities evolution. 
The creation of humans started as an experiment, to feel emotions. It was a way for the soul to feel, touch, smell, taste; see things, from another perspective; more up close. This is the purpose of the physical dimension. Atlantis was the first community on earth. However, it was filled with sentient beings that did not have bodies. The body was created because there was a need to use the five senses. This is true for all the beings within the physical realm, not just humans, and animals. Now the time has come to go back to the sentient being that you are. Only this time the sentient being will reveal itself within the body. You get to keep the body but will use the soul’s consciousness to experience life within a body, just like the people of Atlantis intended. But, when the people of Atlantis moved into the body they lost touch with their true essence which is in all of us. Love, God, light, they did not realize the density of the body suit and thus ego was created. 
When you take a sentient being that is high in vibration and frequency and lower its frequency to occupy a body suit, which is made of a lower density, Maya was created. The illusion and/or forgetting of the self and the mind took control over matter of all kinds. This was the downfall of Atlantis.

Spirits message:
The earth goes through her own cycles and has her own consciousness. She is ruled and protected by beings that are an extension of the source, or God, as humans like to call it. Planets were created for the same reasons as humans were, for the experiences in physical form. Only, the cosmos has different universal laws that are aligned with its consciousness. It is time for the earth to become sentient as well, sentient within the body and aware of the source. This will enable its inhabitants to do the same. There is a misconception to think that you won’t need the body and that evil stops to exist. This is not true. The human approach to these events will be different. When heaven comes to earth, beings, connected to the source, will shift their perspectives through viewing life as a sentient being (the soul) in a body suit. Life will be experienced and perceived through a higher consciousness. However, there will still be humans that need experiences within the body unaware of its sentient existence. It will continue until these souls become fully aware and awakened and this process is going to take many generations. However, it doesn’t matter because there is no such thing as time when you become the sentient being. Before this can happen, humanity needs the experience of being a sentient being within the body (fourth dimension). After that, the body can be shed (fifth dimension). This is what the ascension is all about, a shift in perspective and consciousness.

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